When people talk about Canada’s Big Three, they’re referring to Rogers, Bell and Telus. These are the three biggest dogs in the telecommunications. There are other smaller players, like MTS and Videotron, but Robellus (as they are so affectionately known) control a sizable chunk of the pie. The thing is that each entity is a little more complicated than that and Bell is ready to re-enter the three-horse race with a new brand called Lucky Mobile.

Rogers uses its own name for its top-tier brand, Fido for the middle of the pack, and Chatr Wireless for the prepaid and entry-level market. Telus also uses its own name at the top of the heap, followed by Koodo in the middle, and finally Public Mobile bringing up the rear with the most affordable options.

These lines can get a little muddy at times, like how Rogers has a relatively cheap unlimited prepaid plan (which has since increased from $120/year to $180/year), but that’s generally how they’ve configured their respective businesses. It’s a three-tier system with three main players.

And for a while there, Bell (BCE) was playing much the same game. That is until they decided to axe the Solo Mobile brand to move forward with just Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile. Well, they’ve changed their minds again. Lucky Mobile is the new brand and it is clearly being positioned in the same segment as Chatr and Public Mobile. They’re targeting people who don’t have a credit profile (like new Canadians or students) and seniors on fixed incomes, among others.

Lucky Mobile will function like a regular postpaid carrier, but charge customers on a prepaid basis. You prepay for the month ahead with basic plans starting at $20 a month. That gets you unlimited talk and text in your local zone. If you want data, you’ll have to hop up to at least $40/month with the option to expand to province and Canada plans too.

What’s important to note here is that while you will technically be connected to the 4G network, you’ll be getting data at 3G speeds (up to 3Mbps). When you reach your monthly data cap, your data will then be throttled down to EDGE speeds (around 128Kbps) with no additional charge. They won’t have any storefronts to start, but you’ll be able to find Lucky Mobile at Walmart, Wireless Wave, TBooth Wireless and other retail partners. You can also reach them at 1-833-88-LUCKY.

Expect Lucky Mobile to launch on December 4.

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