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sim-free iphone x

iPhone X Review Roundup

The iPhone X is here and the hype locomotive has been more powerful that Superman himself, despite rumors to the contrary. Don't tell me that Tim Cook hasn't been sweating bullets. The iPhone fan base is a ... Continued

MEGATech Showcase: Return of the LEGO Playsets

It's been a while since we've done one of these, hasn't it? LEGO hasn't stopped making new playsets regardless of whether or not I've written about them, and today's collection is a pretty darn fine one. Get yo... Continued

MEGATechNews Crowdfunding Corner - August 2017

Great things can come from humble beginnings, and crowdfunding has led to some pretty wonderful ideas coming to fruition. Here at MEGATech News we realize the importance of getting the word out about these proj... Continued
galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Review Roundup

The Samsung Galaxy s8 and Galaxy S8+ drop today. Smartphones aren’t cheap, especially high-end ones. Before you spend your hard-earned cashed, you’ll want to do some research to decide whether or not the phone ... Continued

Top 10 Accidents Caused by Playing Pokemon GO

We all know that staring at a screen -- whether it's your smartphone, tablet, HDTV or computer monitor -- for an extended period of time probably isn't very good for our eyes. You've probably heard stories ... Continued

Six Notable Places Pokemon GO Has Taken Players

Once again, Nintendo has tricked gamers into getting up off the couch. While the Wii got players on their feet, Pokemon GO has driven players from their homes entirely, sending them scouring their surroundings ... Continued

MEGATech Showcase: Geek Up Your Kitchen

Today we're going to look at some ways to more creatively serve some of my favourite things: cookies, mufffins, and sandwiches! Imagine how jealous your friends and co-workers (or your kids' friends, I guess, a... Continued

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