Chromebooks have come a very long way since their humble beginnings. While they may not be able to replace Windows or Mac-powered laptops for more power-hungry applications, they’re perfectly suitable for the vast majority of your everyday tasks. And that includes binge-watching The Punisher. And that’s why Google wants to give you free Netflix.

Assuredly in an effort to bolster their holiday sales figures, Google is now giving away six months of free Netflix when you buy a qualifying Chromebook. There are two main catches to this offer.

First, you can’t just go and buy the cheapest Chromebook you can find. Instead, you’re restricted to the Google Pixelbook, the Samsung Chromebook Plus and the Samsung Chromebook Pro. The Pixelbook is the most expensive of the bunch at $999, but even the Samsungs will run you at least $400 or so. But hey, free Netflix, right?

The second catch, if you want to call it a catch, is that the offer only gets you set up for the $10.99 plan. That’s good for streaming on up to two screens at a time and there’s no 4K support. This works out to a value of $65.94 and existing customers can simply apply it toward their account too. You just can’t put it toward gift subscriptions.

To take advantage of the deal, all you have to do is hit up the the “Latest Offers” page on your new Chromebook and click on the corresponding “Redeem” button before December 31. A few other offers on that page include $20 Google Play credit, 90 days of Google Play Music, and 100GB of Google Drive for two years.

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