Apple HomePod Pre-Orders Start This Friday

I guess yesterday's blog post was perfectly on point. That, or Apple saw all the chatter spreading through the Interwebz and decided that they may as well let the cat out of the bag. Cupertino's foray into the ... Continued

Apple HomePod Launch Is Imminent?

When they first revealed the Apple HomePod smart speaker to us last June, they told us that it would ship toward the end of 2017. Then, they said that they "need a little more time before it's ready for our cus... Continued

Nintendo 3DS Sales Continue to Grow

I picked up the original Nintendo 3DS way back in 2011 when they were offering a bunch of free NES and SNES games via the Virtual Console. I thought it was a compelling deal at the time. These days, my 3DS is l... Continued

Why Google Home Is Breaking Your Router's Wi-Fi

Did you pick up one of those Google Home smart speakers over the holidays? Has the wireless network in your home been inexplicably crippled ever since and you can't, for the life of you, figure out what's wrong... Continued

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S9 Coming to MWC

In a move that probably won't surprise anyone, Samsung president of mobile business Dongjin "DJ" Koh has officially confirmed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 isn't being shown off at CES in Las Vegas this w... Continued

I just completed my first full year of weekly vlogging and I've learned a lot about the creative process along the way. I've dabbled in video before -- my YouTube channel is over 10 years old -- but this was ... Continued