T-Mobile Unlimited Plan Raises Throttle Limit

Last week, we talked about the $10 wearables plan from T-Mobile and how you're throttled down to an abysmal 512kbps right off the bat. Excuses are excuses, but that's pretty bad for this day and age. The good n... Continued

How to Disable the Bixby Button on Galaxy S8

There is definitely a lot to like about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the larger Samsung Galaxy S8+. That Infinity display really is something else and the camera performance is as awesome as ever. One major sticki... Continued

T-Mobile Wearables Plan Throttled to 512kbps

Aside from all the obvious hullabaloo surrounding the new Apple iPhone X earlier this week, one of the other big announcements at the event in Cupertino was the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 3. It looks m... Continued

Lyft Coming to Canada, Australia, New Zealand

I can't speak for the rest of the country, but people oftentimes complain about the transportation situation here in Vancouver. They say the trains don't run late enough and it can be difficult to get a cab out... Continued

MEGATech Reviews: Boost Beast for Nintendo Switch

One of the major problems that has troubled the Nintendo Switch, aside from keeping up with rabid demand, has been the lack of quality titles. For a while, there was no point in picking up the console unless yo... Continued

Cube-Shaped Amazon Fire TV Replaces Your Echo

Whether or not you're a full-on cord cutter and you've eliminated traditional cable TV from your entertainment diet altogether, no one can deny the amazing convenience of streaming media. And you've got lots of... Continued

Google Poised to Acquire HTC Smartphone Division

While most of us know Google best as a company that offers online services -- like YouTube, Gmail and Google Search -- they're increasingly dabbling in hardware too. You've got Chromecast, Google Wifi and Googl... Continued