Nintendo Labo Is Here

Announced way out of left field back in January, Nintendo Labo is perhaps one of the strangest and most ambitious projects that Nintendo has released to date. You get a bunch of cardboard sets that work with yo... Continued

Nubia Red Magic: The First RGB Gaming Phone

If you're already a proud member of the PC Master Race, then you've probably already gone down the path to RGB all the things. From RGB keyboards to RGB mice, RGB headsets to RGB cup holders, there are 16 milli... Continued

Newest MacBook Air Discounted to $699 Right Now

We're still several months away from back to school season, but now might be the best time to score the best possible deal on the newest MacBook Air. Whereas Apple's entire laptop family typically doesn't even ... Continued

How Much Would You Pay For an Ad-Free Facebook?

This isn't really about the whole privacy and data mining fiasco happening with Mark Zuckerberg and his crew at Facebook, but it kind of is. The only reason why Facebook likes to collect so much data about its ... Continued

Official Sega Genesis Mini Console in the Works

Maybe you're really into retro games. Maybe you're like me and you've "invested" more money than you care to admit on NEO GEO classics for the Switch. And perhaps you're more of a Sega fan than a Nintendo fan. ... Continued

LG V35 ThinQ Specs Revealed

Remember when I reviewed the LG V20 last January, noting how I wasn't completely convinced about that second screen? As you might already know, I wasn't alone and LG returned back to the standard single screen ... Continued

Pre-Order the Amazon Echo Spot in Canada

Have you ever wanted to have a device that's remotely similar in shape to a Magic 8-Ball, except one side is sliced off and it's got a camera, a round display, and far field microphones? Are you Canadian? Well,... Continued

ZTE Iceberg Decides One Notch Is Not Enough

Love it or hate it, the "notch" is here to stay, at least in the short term. While there are some bold designs trying to work their way around it, everyone else seems to be embracing the notch. ZTE could be one... Continued

Ikea Eneby Bluetooth Speakers, Because Why Not?

Ikea is arguably one of the most innovative companies in the last century. The Swedish furniture company has been around for some 75 years and it is largely responsible for popularizing flat-packing and DIY fur... Continued

Sanyo Roku TVs Coming to Canada This Quarter

When it comes to fully-featured smart TV experiences, Roku is one of the most popular. The company strives to provide a great number of robust features in a convenient and intuitive user interface. And now the ... Continued