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Shoal Tent is the Ultimate Camping Waterbed

So you say you love rafting, and you also love camping? What you need is a Shoal Tent. This combines an inflatable raft with a tent, allowing you to float along in comfort. You'll want to limit yourself to calm... Continued

Keep Alert With the Steer Wearable Driving Aid

In an ideal world, everyone would always get enough sleep and would never have to drive when they're tired. This is not an ideal world. In my industry in particular, we work ridiculously long hours, often with ... Continued

The Dark Side Doesn't Have to Be the Dirty Side

Cleaning house isn't really something most people enjoy, but it is a necessary evil. Most of us have little tricks to make it easier to do, and the luckier ones among us can afford a robotic vacuum so we don't ... Continued

Ice-Repellent Coating Could Tame Winter

Winter seems like it's never going to end, doesn't it? Just the other day, we got another few inches of snow even though it's long past time when it's supposed to be spring. With snow comes the inevitable scrap... Continued

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