Many smartphone conversations tend to gravitate toward iPhone this, Galaxy that, or Pixel something or other. OnePlus might get a mention too. Meanwhile, Huawei has quietly carved out a niche and they deserve your attention. You might not be able to get the phone (at least officially) through a carrier in the US, but Huawei Mate 20 Pro pre-orders are now up for grabs here in Canada.

As you might recall, there are a number of notable reasons why the Mate 20 Pro deserves your attention. Between the in-screen fingerprint reader and triple camera array, this is about as cutting edge as it gets. And then there’s the Kirin 980 processor too.

In Canada, you’ll be able to find Huawei Mate 20 Pro pre-orders through most major carriers. This includes Bell, Rogers and Telus, as well as Fido, Koodo, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel and Videotron. That covers a lot of bases.

To further sweeten the pot for customers sitting on the fence, select Huawei Mate 20 Pro pre-orders will also come bundled with a free Huawei tablet or a free Huawei Watch 2. That sounds like an even better deal than the free Pixel Stand that comes with the Google Pixel 3, right? You will need to place the pre-order before November 7 to qualify.

In terms of pricing:

  • Rogers: From $249 on Ultra Tab, $1199 outright. Free MediaPad T3 tablet on two-year term.
  • Telus: From $250 on Platinum plan, $1315 outright. Free Huawei Watch 2 on two-year term.
  • Bell: From $249 on Ultra Premium Plus, $1299.99 outright.
  • Fido: From $249 on XXL, $1199 outright.
  • Koodo: From $450 on XL tab. Free Huawei Watch 2 on two-year tab.
  • Virgin Mobile: Pricing TBD.
  • Videotron: From $179.95 on two-year plan, $1229.95 outright. Free Huawei Watch 2 on two-year term.

You can go ahead and start placing your Huawei Mate 20 Pro pre-orders now, and the phone will start shipping in Canada on November 8.

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