When I was a kid, my favorite toys were dirt and mud. That’s not true, but it certainly feels like it after seeing what Mattel is bringing to the table for their Jurassic World tie-in toys. A Pterano-Drone quadcopter and robotic velociraptors that teach your kid how to code surely beat my Dennis Nedry action figure whose “dino-damage” arms came off. He didn’t even lose his arms in the movie!

The Pterano-Drone is your typical drone, though self-landing and auto-circling features will certainly help the kids flying it. There’s also an auto shut-off feature if your kid gets too grabby around the motors. A single charge, which is done through Micro USB, will last about 15 to 20 minutes. That may not sound like much when compared to other drones, but remember that this is for kids. The price, however, is very much adult. When the Pterano-Drone hits around Jurassic World’s release date, it will cost $119.99.

The dancing velociraptor robots are actually the latest entry in Mattel’s Kamigami line, and they’re essentially the same toy as the original Kamigami, only they’re dinosaurs instead of bugs. The iOS/Android companion apps can make they move, make noise, interact, dance, and light up; all the things you would expect a real dinosaur to do. Remember how often the dinosaurs lit up in the movies?

Kids can choose between Blue, Owen Grady’s trained pet raptor, or an unnamed “villain dino.” Like the Pterano-Drone, the raptors charge via Micro USB, and the plug, which goes into their mouth, looks like a tiny piece of meat! Very cool little detail. Expect to see these around the film’s release date as well.



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