Based on some of the early reviews that have been coming through, the iPhone XR gives you almost everything you want from the iPhone XS. It just happens to be a few hundred dollars cheaper. But how much would it cost you if you wanted to pick up the newest iPhone on contract from your Canadian carrier of choice?

As you might recall, the iPhone XR was announced along with the iPhone XS and XS Max. You lose the telephoto camera on the back, but you gain the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors. The iPhone XR comes in your choice of white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT)RED.

And portrait mode, by way of software, is definitely still there.

Unsurprisingly, the major Canadian providers are all offering the iPhone XR on contract too. Pricing will depend on the kind of plan you get and how much of a tab you’re willing to take on, but it looks like the best deal is through Freedom Mobile.

They’ll let you get the 64GB version for $0 upfront if you get a $60+ monthly plan and a $30 MyTab. The Big Gig + Talk 10GB plan is exactly $60, representing a total two-year commitment of $90 x 24 months = $2,160.

For comparison (all 64GB models with the lowest upfront cost):

  • Rogers Ultra Share Everything: $99 upfront and $115/month (3GB promo) works out to $2,859.
  • Telus Platinum: $100 upfront and $115/month (1GB) works out to $2,860.
  • Bell Premium Smartphone Ultra Plus: $99.99 upfront and $115/month (1GB) works out to $2,859.99

If you’d prefer a lower monthly cost (with a higher upfront cost), something like the Rogers Premium Share Everything plan would work. Those start at $95/month (3GB promo) and the 64GB iPhone XR would demand a $529 upfront cost, for a total 24-month commitment of $2,809.

And if you want to buy an iPhone XR outright from the Apple Store? Well, be prepared to pony up $1,029 for the 64GB model, $1,099 for the 128GB and $1,239 for the 256GB. There is no price premium on the (PRODUCT)RED model. For context, the iPhone XS and XS Max start from $1,379 and $1,519, respectively. Delivery is expected to start next week on October 26.

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