The iPhone X is here and the hype locomotive has been more powerful that Superman himself, despite rumors to the contrary. Don’t tell me that Tim Cook hasn’t been sweating bullets. The iPhone fan base is a rabid and passionate one, but with a starting price of $999, all bets were pretty much off. This is a milestone for Apple. It’s the tenth anniversary of the coveted iPhone. So what did everybody think?

Hint: Apple knows what they’re doing.

Digital Trends

If you’re an Apple fan, this is the phone to buy. We can’t peel our eyes away from the gorgeous OLED screen, and using gestures to move around iOS is pure bliss.

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Tech Radar

Apple has got things almost entirely right with the iPhone X, taking all it’s learned from its past handsets and fusing them together to make a device that’s like nothing else the brand has ever produced…Anything that’s not the iPhone X now just looks dated and slathered in bezel. The iPhone X is indeed the Apple handset of the future, and everything else it’s made is history.

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At the end of the day, here’s what you’ve got to remember: this isn’t just an expensive, ambitious offshoot of the classic iPhone lineage. It’s the future of the iPhone itself. And to be clear, Apple didn’t get absolutely everything right. The notch is weird. The interface needs a little more polish. Unoptimized apps look, and will continue to look, disappointing. Still, the fact that Apple redefined what an iPhone is and got this much right is a big deal. It’ll probably be another year or two before the iPhone X’s design and software that runs on it will come into its own, and that’s alright. After my first taste of the iPhone’s future, I’m ready to buy in.

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It’s a great phone, of course, definitely the best iPhone you can buy. I love the size, love the screen, love the camera. It does feel like the iPhone Apple’s been talking about all this time. But Apple gets in its own way sometimes, making things harder as it tries to make them easier. It’s been a long time since I had this hard a time getting used to a new iPhone…The iPhone X is the first iPhone since that one that feels genuinely new and different. Do you need it? No. At least not yet. But it’s seriously cool.

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Ars Technica

As always, the second iteration of a new design will surely be more refined, and cautious buyers who wait for year two will probably be rewarded for their patience. But the iPhone X is nevertheless easy to recommend if you want a glimpse at what’s going to be exciting in the next 10 years.

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Nobody thinks the iPhone X is perfect, but nobody cares. Yes, it takes a while to get used to it. Yes, there are issues with some apps. Yes, the notch is weird. And yes, it costs a lot of freaking money. Nobody cares, though, because it’s the best thing Apple has put out in years. The OLED screen and TrueDepth camera are unrivaled. The processor is blazing fast. The design is top-notch sleek. If this isn’t the future of the smartphone, it is most certainly a glimpse into that future.


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