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The News: Sunday, July 27 Edition


I swear it was just yesterday I was posting the weekly affiliate news, but obviously it’s actually been a week. The thing is, I couldn’t tell you what I’ve been doing that kept me so busy. This week, on the other hand, is going to be crazy and it wouldn’t …

Peavey Licensed Star Wars Guitars Unveiled at Comic-Con

Peavey Star Wars Darth Vader Rockmaster Guitar

As you may be aware, I spend a great deal of time in and around the entertainment industry. This means I see all manner of equipment, musical instruments, and more celebrities than you can fit on a sinking ship. What I sincerely hope I get to see in person sooner …

Motorola Digital Tattoo Unlocks Your Smartphone


I don’t have any tattoos, but I’m certainly open to getting one if I find an idea that I like. I’m also a practical guy, the kind who appreciates gifts I can use versus ones that have sentimental value. What do those two things have in common? A digital tattoo …

Get a Month of Marvel Unlimited for 99 Cents


Are you sitting at home, sad that you couldn’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con this year? Marvel is looking to ease your pain. For a limited time you can sign up for Marvel Unlimited, their digital subscription service that gives you access to over 13,000 comics, for just 99 …

Kosmo: Connected Smart Device to Help Quit Smoking

kosmo logo

As I’m sure you’re aware, there is a huge push to get smokers to quit smoking. To that end, there are approximately 9,742,693,862 different gadgets, pills, apps, patches, gums, and psychology sessions on the market. The thing is, you have to want to quit for it to work. And even …

Xiaomi Mi 4 Smartphone Packs Big Punch at a Small Price


Where all my budget techies at? I know the pain of having a light wallet and a heavy gadget addiction. The rise in popularity of budget smartphones has been a great thing for those who don’t have hundreds of dollars just lying around. The catch, of course, is that you’re …

Brick-A-Pic Converts Your Favorite Photo to LEGO


You know what would be really cool? Having your favourite picture immortalized in LEGO bricks. You never thought out it until now, did you? But it would be incredibly neat. The trouble would be trying to decide which picture to use, or at least that’s the problem I would have. …