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Motorola Offering Moto X Deal on Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday is Black Friday’s introverted cousin. All of the online stores present their own crazy deals and the only physical injury you risk trying to get in on the action is maybe a sprained clicker finger. Even Motorola is getting in on the savings and offering a pretty nice discount on …

Pantelligent Takes the Guesswork Out of Cooking


If everyone could cook, there wouldn’t be nearly as many successful restaurants as there are. The thing is, some people have it and some people don’t. Talent for cooking, I mean. I actually know people for whom making boxed macaroni and cheese is a challenge. Luckily, most of those people …

Beat Winter With Warm Hands and Feet


If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you know it’s coming (if it’s not already here): Winter. Cold. Snow. Shivering. Ick! I’m sure we all know by now to layer our clothes, and to make sure the inner layers are moisture wicking, and all that. But if you’re going to be …

littleBits Turns Dumb Appliances Smart


One thing I would absolutely love to have is a smart home… or at least smart appliances. However, not being independently wealthy, that’s just not something that I ever thought would be on my horizon. As it turns out, littleBits knows there is a huge market out there full of …

MEGATech Showcase: Geek Out Your Christmas Tree


With a fair portion of the US covered in snow, it’s not very hard to turn your thoughts toward Christmas even if it is a little too early in the year. Decorating the tree is something that everyone does differently, but in this Showcase I’m going to look at almost …