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HP Chromebook 14 Now Available with 1080p Touchscreen


The HP Chromebook 14 didn’t get a warm reception when it hit the market and was immediately slammed for having a less-than-stellar screen, but credit where credit is due, HP has taken that criticism to heart and is re-releasing their Chromebook with the option to include a 1080p touchscreen that looks …

The News: Sunday, December 21 Edition


First, Happy Birthday to my niece! She and I will be celebrating tomorrow night since the family Christmas is at my house in a couple of hours, but today is the actual day. Second, the universe finally decided I’d had enough bad lately and gave me a huge early gift …

MEGATech Showcase: BlackBerry Classic Review Round-Up


The BlackBerry Classic is a return to basics for BlackBerry. After the lukewarm reception to the BlackBerry Passport, they’re likely looking for a critical win. Their recent struggles are widely known and for those of us who carry a nostalgic love for the brand, it’s been disheartening to watch.

Now …

MEGATech Showcase: Even More Geek Christmas


There’s only about a week left to get yourself into the Christmas spirit, so I thought I’d give you another assortment of geektastic holiday cheer to get you on your way. If you order soon, you might not even have to pay extra shipping to receive your items in time …

MEGATech Showcase: A Christmas Extravaganza


Whether you’re ready or not, Christmas will be here soon (if it’s a holiday you celebrate, of course). So you’d better get decorating! Here are some fun, unique, and altogether geeky ideas to help you spread some holiday cheer.

First up is the USB Christmas tree. Just because you spend …