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Chromebooks Get More Viable with Streaming Photoshop


As far as Chromebooks have come, most of us would still argue that Chrome OS on these budget laptops just isn’t enough to replace a “real” notebook PC if you plan on getting any “real” work done. A lot of stuff can be handled in browser, including image editing, but …

MEGATech Reviews: Case Logic Rolling 15.6″ Laptop Case (ZLR-216)


You’re preparing for a quick overnight business trip. You’re going to need to pack all your technological essentials, like your notebook and tablet, along with the requisite accessories and cables, but you also need to bring along a few personal items and a change of clothes. A compact briefcase just …

Sponsored Post: Powering Your Passion for Creativity


If you’re a self-expressive, overflowing with imagination, dive-into-every-project-head-on kind of person, then look no further than the edgy and versatile Scion xB. With its distinctive silhouette, 6-speaker Pioneer audio system and 60/40 split folding rear seats for carrying equipment and supplies, the xB is truly made for the creative type.…

The News: Sunday, September 28 Edition


So… how was your week? Mine was pretty slow, although starting today I’m back to work with a vengeance and won’t be seeing another day off until at least next week Monday. I’m still a little rocky, but after picking up a new pair of work boots I’m much better …

Fast-Charging Batteries Might Actually Be Okay


Low and slow. They say that’s the best way to cook a giant hunk of meat so that you don’t burn the outside while leaving the inside super raw. The same kind of philosophy has, up until now, applied to how we charge our batteries. We know that charging batteries …

Most Users Safe From Bash Exploit, Says Apple


Today we’re continuing this week’s apparent theme of bad things that are happening to Apple users! This isn’t intentional, honest! Fortunately, we actually have some good news this time around.

Are you familiar with the Shellshock vulnerability? It refers to Bash, a UNIX command shell and language included in OS …