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Fake Samsung Site Has Been Stealing Personal Info


According to Korean website ET News, a malicious, fraudulent website has been posing as Samsung for two years now and was just discovered and shut down by the actual Samsung on Wednesday, April 22.

The fake site would get traffic by sending out mass text messages claiming that recipients …

PAPAGO! LORA-GoSafe 381 Dashcam Launches Exclusively with Best Buy

lora-gosafe-381 (2)

In just a few short years, dashcams have gone from relative obscurity to increasing mainstream adoption, even here in North America. One company that continues to release new and updated models on a regular basis is PAPAGO! and they have just announced three new dashcams as part of their lineup.…

Unispectral Camera Sees Inside Pictures


Smartphones have completely changed the way we do everything. It's not just texting and surfing the web, but taking pictures and video and uploading them to social media constantly. I've been taking pictures of food since well before there was such a thing as Instagram, at first to share on …

The News: Intel Compute Stick Edition


We've been hearing about this flash drive sized PC for about a year, and it's finally here. The reception ranges from the overly enthusiastic to the overly sarcastic, and everything in between. In this special edition of The News, I've rounded up a bunch of different articles regarding the latest …

Google Launching Wireless Carrier Service Project Fi


Google's global takeover continues with Project Fi, the company's entry into the wireless carrier market. Project Fi will use Sprint and T-Mobile's network combined with Wi-Fi to make one big mobile service area.

Before you get excited, realize that this is just a beta and is currently limited to …

Chipper Alarm Gets You Up, Guaranteed


None of us get enough sleep; that's pretty much an accepted fact. One of the ways we fool ourselves into thinking we're extending our time in bed is by hitting the snooze button, but there comes a point when you have to stop that and get up or you'll be …