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The PAPAGO! GoSafe TPMS 500BT Smart Tire Pressure Monitor System

tpms-500bt (1)

Cars come with all sorts of added safety features these days, going beyond seatbelts and airbags to include blind spot monitoring systems and adaptive cruise control. Some newer vehicles also come with a tire pressure monitoring system, but what about those of us who drive cars without that feature? This …

OnePlus One Smartphone Looking to Raise the Bar


The OnePlus One isn’t the slickest smartphone name in the world, but that’s not likely to matter if the phone is as remarkable as OnePlus believes it is.

The Hong Kong-based company has pulled out all of the stops in its marketing campaign and for what it’s worth, the OnePlus …

Google’s Project Ara Looks to Reinvent the Cellphone


I’ve had my HTC Droid Incredible for going on four years now and it’s continues to be a solid, reliable phone. One of the only issues I’m having with it is that somewhere along the way, the volume up button got jammed in and so now it’s a bit tricky …

LG G Watch Expected to Hit This Summer


There are so many different smartwatches in production right now that news of new devices has begun to go in one ear and out the other, but the mention of “stealth black” certainly caught my attention.

LG is the latest company to throw their hat into the smartwatch arena. They …

MEGATech Reviews – SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset


There are two really big trends that we’re seeing in the general world of consumer electronics. First, we’ve gotten into the habit of cutting every cable we can. You’ve got wireless mice, wireless charging, and wireless printers, as well as the ability to wirelessly stream a video from your smartphone …

New Wireless Charger Can Charge Your Phone From 15 Feet Away


While reading this story about a new wireless charger, I looked over at the bundle of wires on my entertainment center and my mouth bent into a comical frown. Wires, for all the wonderful data and power that they carry, are the absolute pits. Wireless technology is the best thing …

MEGATech Showcase: Awesome LEGO Sets


See what I did there? If you’ve seen the LEGO Movie (and if you have not, get yourself to the theatre IMMEDIATELY before it’s too late), you get it. Because of course I’m leading off with a playset from the LEGO Movie. I’m obsessed, I can admit it. Not only …

Famatic: The New Generation of Digital Photo Frames


You’ve seen digital photo frames, right? You may even own one. Typically they hold either an SD card or a flash drive, and then you can set them to play photos sort of like a screen saver. They’re really handy in an age where printing photos takes time and money …