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MEGATech Reviews: iPhone 6 Review Round Up


Not one but two new iPhone models – the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus – are available in North America as of Friday, September 19th. As usual, diehard Apple fans snatched up the newest offerings on the day of release, but others weren’t so quick to reach for …

Sponsored Post: Powering Your Passion for Competition


If you’re a high energy, physically active, leave-it-all-on-the-field kind of person, then look no further than the bold and aggressive Scion tC. With its sporty design and 179 horsepower engine, and plenty of room for your gear, the tC is truly made for the competitor.

Scion tC driver, Mike Wu, …

The News: Sunday, September 21 Edition


Hey, did you know today was Sunday? I didn’t. Well, that’s not exactly true… I knew it was Sunday because I only have to do two shows today after doing three yesterday, but was somehow incapable of applying that information to it being the day I owe y’all an affiliate …

MEGATech Showcase: Kitchen Gadgets for Geeks


By now you probably know that one of my hobbies is cooking. Not that I am anything like what you’d call a chef, but I enjoy cooking at home, creating new recipes, and in general just enjoy good food. Since I’ve been living with my mother, most of the kitchen …

The News: GTX 970 and 980 Edition


So… I opened the inbox just to see what’s up, and apparently my self-imposed internet vacation means I missed a product release. There were so many emails I at first thought I’d gotten hit by a spam bot, but after looking into it I see they’re all reviews and whatnot …

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 $200 Trade-in Promotion


The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is imminent. It’s a quality phone in a quality series produced by a quality company, so you can rightfully expect your wallet to feel quite a bit lighter after procuring one. Though thanks to a promotion being run by Samsung, it won’t …