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The News: GTX 970 and 980 Edition


So… I opened the inbox just to see what’s up, and apparently my self-imposed internet vacation means I missed a product release. There were so many emails I at first thought I’d gotten hit by a spam bot, but after looking into it I see they’re all reviews and whatnot …

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 $200 Trade-in Promotion


The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is imminent. It’s a quality phone in a quality series produced by a quality company, so you can rightfully expect your wallet to feel quite a bit lighter after procuring one. Though thanks to a promotion being run by Samsung, it won’t …

Goat Simulator Now Available on iOS and Android


Some people might not classify Goat Simulator as a videogame due to its lack of a narrative or any real objectives, but I would classify those people as party poopers and Goat Simulator as game of the year 2014. You don’t agree? Too baaaaad.

Alright, that was terrible, but …

Roku Passes the 10 Million Units Sold Mark


I don’t know the exact count, but if I were to guess I’d say I have about thirty-two devices in my house that can stream media. There’s my computer, my laptop, my videogame consoles, my refridgerator, my vacuum cleaner, my sofa, my garage door – the list goes on. My …

BelayCords Take the Guesswork Out of USB



Please tell me I’m not the only one. I have never, and I do mean never, inserted a USB plug the right way on the first try. Not once. Not even when I look at it first, because invariably the port is the opposite way of how I …

Turn Annoying Junk Mail Into Dishes with Junk Press


There are days when all I find in my mailbox is junk mail. Coupons for products I’ll never buy, ads for businesses I’ve never heard of, and this time of year 847 political flyers per day. I don’t dare miss a day cleaning out the box, though, because I shudder …