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Motorola Releases the Moto E, Coming to Canada Soon


Motorola released the new Moto E today in 40 countries across the globe. At only $149 off-contract, it's intended to be an entry-level phone for those looking to test the smartphone waters without breaking the bank.

Smartphone technology has reached a point where even a budget model features a 1.2 …

HTC One M9 Videos Leaked Days Before Reveal


So close, HTC! We're just a few days away from the official unveiling of the HTC One M9, but unfortunately (for HTC) they've been beaten to the punch by three leaked videos - undoubtedly theirs - that appeared on YouTube today. They leave little to the imagination in regards to …

Pebble Time Launches on Kickstarter, Raises Millions in Hours


The original Pebble smartwatch hit Kickstarter in April of 2012 and set of a record (which has since been broken) by raising $10.3 million over the course of its campaign. Now Pebble has returned to Kickstarter for the third iteration of its watch, the Pebble Time, and in the roughly …

Foodsniffer Saves You From Food Gone Bad


When I was in college, I lived with one of my sisters for a while. And invariably she would hand me some sort of food or beverage and ask me to taste it because she thought it might be bad. Why I never refused is beyond me, because sometimes it …

Smarter Coffee Makes Mornings Better


If it wasn't for coffee, most of us would never manage to leave the house. And if it wasn't for coffee makers with timers, many of us would never even manage to get out of bed, much less leave the house. But what about those days when you wake up …

MEGATech Showcase: Gamers with Disabilities Who Refuse to Quit


Everyone faces their fair share of challenges in life, but when you are afflicted with a physical disability, it can feel like you are at a significant disadvantage. However, we don't have to look any further than the Special Olympics to find lots of people with various physical or mental …

Check Out the Samsung Galaxy S6


We have less than a week until the Galaxy S6 is unofficially unveiled by Samsung, and on Sunday we'll know everything there is to know, but let's be honest - none of us like waiting. Fortunately, T-Mobile has brought us an early look at the phone, courtesy of the Twitter

The News: Sunday, February 22 Edition


You know what's really weird for me? I've already done a full shift at work today, and it's not yet 11:00am. So as soon as I get done with this post I'm heading to bed for a much-needed nap, because in about eight hours I have to go back and …