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LG G4 Coming to Canada This Summer


The LG G4, the successor to the LG G3 and the phone LG is calling the "most ambitious smartphone yet," is on its way to Canada and will be available this summer through a variety of carriers.

The LG G4 boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 80 Processor, a 5.5-inch Quad HD …

MEGATech Showcase: Kitchen Geek Collection


If there's one thing I absolutely cannot resist, it's kitchen gadgets. I shudder to think of how much money I've spent on various gizmos and widgets that are supposed to do neat things in the kitchen, and while some of them haven't worked out as planned I do have a …

Konami Cancels Silent Hills, Pulls Itself From Stock Exchange


Following a very public falling out with Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear series, Konami and Kojima parted ways and the latter's name was removed from the universally acclaimed series he helped create. However, the fallout doesn't appear to be over yet, as now Konami's upcoming Silent Hills …

The News: Monday, April 27 Edition


It's not Sunday, but you knew that. What happened was, I worked almost more hours than there were in this weekend with very little time off. When I finally got back to my laptop it wouldn't boot up or let me run the Windows fix. Because I worked so many …

The Tower Delivers Power within Arm's Reach


This is honestly such an obnoxiously first world problem I almost didn't write about it. But seriously... This is something that truly needs to be addressed! Everywhere I've ever lived, I've had to add power strips to outlets not only to plug in multiple things, but because the outlets are …

EmoFix Bluetooth Remote Shutter for Selfie Fanatics


Are you a big fan of taking selfies, but you're tired of having to do the whole outstretched arm pose for all your pictures on Instagram? Maybe you've "invested" in one of those selfie sticks, but it's just such a hassle having to carry the thing around? Looks like you're …

Fake Samsung Site Has Been Stealing Personal Info


According to Korean website ET News, a malicious, fraudulent website has been posing as Samsung for two years now and was just discovered and shut down by the actual Samsung on Wednesday, April 22.

The fake site would get traffic by sending out mass text messages claiming that recipients …