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MEGATech Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S6


Well, this is it. Even though Samsung continues to be the biggest dog in the Android smartphone yard, sales of last year's Galaxy S5 trended downwards compared to previous generations. The company knew it had to do something dramatic to turn the tides back in their favor. And that's how …

Analog Memory Desk Keeps Your Notes at Hand


If you're anything like me, your desk (and the table next to your recliner, and the counter next to the phone, and pretty much every other flat surface in your house) is covered with sticky notes, scraps of paper, old envelopes, and all manner of other papers covered with handwritten …

HTC Butterfly 3 to Have Quad HD Screen


The HTC One M9 will boast a 1080p display when it comes out, but the company is already outdoing themselves with their new Butterfly 3, which is the first HTC handset equipped with a Quad HD screen.

As of right now it's a Japan exclusive, scheduled to hit there in …

Save Up to $150 on Surface Pro 3, Get a Free Sleeve


The early Windows tablets were clunky and cumbersome. Microsoft has made some huge strides in recent years and the Surface Pro 3 is a very respectable machine with a lot more horsepower than you'd expect out of something like this. And now you can save up to a cool $150 …