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The News: Sunday, April 20 Edition


Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! For the rest of you, Happy Sunday! We don’t really celebrate, exactly, but I do always make a special dinner. This year I’m doing glazed salmon, vegetable bundles, my grandma’s salad, pickled mushrooms, and tube biscuits for dinner, with spiced baked …

Osteoid 3D Printed Cast Would Almost Be Worth the Injury


Almost! I said almost! Nothing is worth breaking a bone, really. Trust me on this… if you’ve been around for a while you know the ridiculous number of times I’ve broken in the last few years. However, since it seems to be what I do, I am very interested in …

Optical Zoom Camera Coming to HTC Smartphones?


Smartphones have certainly come a very long way in their relatively short life span, but there’s one feature that’s still largely missing from the bunch: optical zoom for the camera. Apparently, future HTC smartphones may indeed have this feature.

The new HTC One (M8) recently hit the market, effectively continuing …

Volkswagen to Recall 24K+ Cars in US Due to Fire Risk


If you drive a 2014 Volkswagen Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Passat, or Jetta, your car might be brought in for a recall thanks to a faulty O-ring seal that could cause a fire. The seal in question lies between the transmission and the oil cooler and is responsible for leaking transmission …

SHAREfactory Brings Video Editing to PlayStation 4


One of the selling points of the current generation consoles was the ability to record and share video with all of your friends with just a few button presses. Well, now it’s going to be even easier for PlayStation 4 users to share exactly what they want as the next …

LogMeOnce Combines Three Gadgets In One


Online security is one of those things a frightening number of people pay little attention to, even when they know they’re putting themselves at risk. Since the Heartbleed bug has come to light, more and more folks are finally figuring out that they need to be diligent in protecting themselves, …