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MEGATech Reviews: Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker


Xiaomi is not a brand that most people in North America know, but that could be changing in the next few years. The Chinese company has really made a name for itself in its home market, becoming one of the top manufacturers of Android smartphones and tablets. The Mi Pad …

Sony Announces the Xperia Z4 for Japan


Sony just revealed their new Z4 flagship phone and there's disappointingly little to get excited about. The Z3's successor features an upgraded processor, better camera, and a thinner, metal frame, but other than that it's not much of an "upgrade" as far as upgrades go.

With the exception of the …

The News: Sunday, April 19 Edition


You know what I both love and hate about the entertainment industry? I can never guess when we're going to be busy or not. Used to be, this time of year we started slowing down and stayed there until fall. This year, however, work has shown no signs of letting …

Canada Finally Getting Apple Pay This November


While some users have been able to find some success with a couple of clever workarounds, up until now Apple Pay has only been supported within the United States. That's going to be changing this fall and one of the first countries outside the US to get Apple Pay will …

MEGATech Videos: Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing and Overview

miband (3)

It goes without saying that most of us could probably lead a healthier lifestyle. We should be more active. We should be sleeping better. And perhaps that is why fitness trackers like the ones from Jawbone, Fitbit and Nike have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years... but they typically cost …

Microsoft Strikes Deal with Cyanogen to Invade Your Android


The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Or rather the awkward ally of the bitter sibling of that other guy can also be my colleague? In a somewhat twisted and strange series of events, Cyanogen has forged a "strategic partnership" with Microsoft that could spark some huge changes in …