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LUXA2 Clip Series for Using Gadgets on the Go

LUXA2 Tab Clip - the car mount of choice for your 6_ _ 10_ Phablet Tablet Devices

I have a friend who regularly talks on the phone while he drives – and I’m talking with his phone in his hand and to his ear – and it’s nothing short of terrifying. Don’t be one of those people. Recent statistics say that 1 in 4 car accidents can …

Better Bathroom Sharing the Fresh Air Plus Way


One of the distinct disadvantages to sharing a home with others is having to also share a bathroom. It’s not that we don’t all know everybody does it; it’s that walking in after someone else has been there for a while doing their business is unpleasant at best. Sure, there …

Ignore No More: Call Your Mom, Or Else!


Got kids? Sick of them ignoring your repeated calls and/or texts because they don’t want their friends to know their mom (or dad) calls them? One woman decided she’d had enough, and since she had the knowledge to do something about it, she did. Sharon Standifird developed an app that …

MEGATech Reviews: Spoiler Alert for PC


Spoilers are a controversial topic. Most people treat them like landmines and go to great lengths to avoid them. Others are only slightly bothered by them, while an even smaller pocket of people don’t seem to mind them at all. Then, there are those who actively hate spoiler-phobes, maybe even …

Is 200 Megapixels Too Many? Hasselblad Doesn’t Think So


Hasselblad has just announced a brand new camera that they are calling “The Ultimate in Studio Photography” with a “200 megapixel” CMOS sensor (6200 x 8272 pixels). The Hasselblad H5D-50c sounds lovely, but there are plenty of downsides.

ISO and Battery Life

The H5D-50c Multi-Shot camera, for all of its …

Sony Developing Selfie Camera That Looks Like a Perfume Bottle


There are certain things in life that I just don’t understand, no matter how hard I try. Then there are things that I won’t even try to understand. This latest gadget falls in the latter category.

Sony is apparently working on a camera that’s modeled after a bottle of perfume …

HP Stream May Be the First of Many Cheap Notebooks


Laptops can easily cost an arm and a leg, which no doubt deters a lot of people from straying away from their desktop. Microsoft and their partners are looking to remedy that, however, and have promised that the fall is going to bring a lot of portable computers priced at …