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The News: Sunday, November 23 Edition


Holy early winter, Batman! Thankfully I don’t live in upstate New York, because the lake effect snow here where I am is more than plenty enough. Until it started raining yesterday, we had just under 30 inches of snow on the ground (we’re now down to about six), and had …

Buy a Chromebook, Get 1TB of Google Drive Free


If you needed another reason to consider picking up a Chromebook, Google is coming through with quite the attractive offer for the holiday shopping season. If you buy a Chromebook and redeem for the offer before January 1, 2015, Google will provide you with one terabyte of Google Drive storage …

Microfiber Lined Tie Kills Two Birds With One Stone


How many times a day do you see someone wipe down their phone’s screen with their shirt? Or, how many times a day do you do it yourself? I’m pretty sure I do it at least three times a day, and it’s only so effective. I did finally buy a …

First Look: Android 5.0 Lollipop with HTC Sense 6.0


So, I recently upgraded to (last year’s) Google Nexus 5 and I was able to grab the over-the-air (OTA) update of Android 5.0 Lollipop pretty well right away. The installation went off without a hitch and I’ve been enjoying the vanilla flavor of Lollipop just fine. That’s part of the …

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Ensures Happy Holidays


Whether you’re ready or not, we are nearing the holiday season. That’s a lot easier for me to wrap my head around this year since we have been absolutely inundated with snow for the better part of a week, but even if you live in a place that hasn’t been …