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The News: Sunday, March 29 Edition


Goodness, but I've been busy lately! It's not that we're working long hours, it's that we're working really stupid hours and there hasn't been enough hours off at a time to get everything done that needs to happen in my life outside of work. But at least I'm working, which …

Apple CEO Tim Cook Plans to Give All of His Money Away

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks to members of the media during an Apple event announcing the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch at the Flint Center in Cupertino

It's Friday, the day Rebecca Black has designated for getting down, and what better way to get down than with some uplifting news that will hopefully either restore or sustain your faith in humanity and send you into the weekend with a smile on your face?

Tim Cook, Steve …

Must Have: Ryo Reversible USB Adapter


Last fall, we looked at BelayCords, which I promptly backed and have been happily using for a couple of months now. While I understand that plugging a USB cable in the wrong way is hardly a problem that deserves undue attention, it is incredibly annoying and all of us …

MEGATech Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S6


Well, this is it. Even though Samsung continues to be the biggest dog in the Android smartphone yard, sales of last year's Galaxy S5 trended downwards compared to previous generations. The company knew it had to do something dramatic to turn the tides back in their favor. And that's how …

Analog Memory Desk Keeps Your Notes at Hand


If you're anything like me, your desk (and the table next to your recliner, and the counter next to the phone, and pretty much every other flat surface in your house) is covered with sticky notes, scraps of paper, old envelopes, and all manner of other papers covered with handwritten …