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Samsung GALAXY Note Edge Coming to Canada


Modern health science says that multi-tasking could be doing permanent damage to your brain, but come on science, this is 2015 and we need to get things done. Fortunately there are phones like the GALAXY Note Edge that excel in multitasking, and now Samsung Canada is brining the phone to …

Facebook Releases Facebook Lite Mobile App in a Few Countries


I don’t use the Facebook mobile app for two reasons. The silly reason is that I’m afraid that in some woozy, discombobulated state (such as when I wake up in the middle of the night and screw around on my phone) I’m going to accidentally post something weird or report …

Consumer Drone Crashes on White House Lawn


One of the most consistent reminders that we’re living in the future is the onslaught of stories involving consumer-driven drones being flown somewhere they shouldn’t be, causing a ruckus, and then furthering the dialogue on the legality of drone use. In July of last year, two New York men were charged …

The News: Sunday, January 25 Edition


And another week goes by. This week is a little light on affiliate news, but that’s because there were a couple of product releases that justified their own special edition posts. Life around here is calming down some… Mom came home Tuesday and we’re settling into a routine. Luckily she …

The News: GTX 960 Edition


Why yes, there is another product release! This one comes to us from the land of video cards, and near as I can tell it’s got all sorts of support and love in the tech world. If you’re looking for a new addition to your system, check out the reviews …