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Beat Winter With Warm Hands and Feet


If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you know it’s coming (if it’s not already here): Winter. Cold. Snow. Shivering. Ick! I’m sure we all know by now to layer our clothes, and to make sure the inner layers are moisture wicking, and all that. But if you’re going to be …

BlackBerry Offering iPhone Users Cash to Switch to BlackBerry Passport


Blackberry seems to be having a hell of a time getting consumers to use their product. Last month their CEO John Chen politely asked (desperately pleaded with) then-current Blackberry users to not ditch their tried-and-true Blackberry phones in favor of something newer and shinier. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a lot …

littleBits Turns Dumb Appliances Smart


One thing I would absolutely love to have is a smart home… or at least smart appliances. However, not being independently wealthy, that’s just not something that I ever thought would be on my horizon. As it turns out, littleBits knows there is a huge market out there full of …

MEGATech Showcase: Geek Out Your Christmas Tree


With a fair portion of the US covered in snow, it’s not very hard to turn your thoughts toward Christmas even if it is a little too early in the year. Decorating the tree is something that everyone does differently, but in this Showcase I’m going to look at almost …

Apple Teams Up With (RED) to Join the Fight Against AIDS


Apple, along with several developers whose products can be found in the App Store, are teaming up with (RED) to raise money to fight the spread of AIDS. If you buy any of the participating apps between today, November 24th, and next Monday, December 1st, Global AIDS Day, 100% of …

The News: Sunday, November 23 Edition


Holy early winter, Batman! Thankfully I don’t live in upstate New York, because the lake effect snow here where I am is more than plenty enough. Until it started raining yesterday, we had just under 30 inches of snow on the ground (we’re now down to about six), and had …