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Vivo Developing the World’s Thinnest Smartphone


The idea of a razor-thin smartphone doesn’t exactly appeal to me, because I am a lumbering brute who inadvertently destroys nice things. I don’t need people to make it easier for me. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the economics of it, though. Vivo is reportedly working on what will …

Sponsored Post: Telus STORYHIVE Offering $400K to Web Video Stars


The landscape for independent creativity has changed a lot in the last few years. Much of our favorite entertainment comes from Internet videos and video-on-demand type services. At the same time, the barrier to entry has been lowered, thanks to platforms like Kickstarter. Melding these two trends together is a …

OneDrive to Begin Offering Unlimited Cloud Storage


Storage limits? What are those? The folks over at OneDrive are asking that exact question as Office 365 Home, Personal, and University users now get unlimited OneDrive cloud storage at no additional charge. The roll out is happening now and will take a few months to complete, but once it’s …

Walk Your Way to Power with AMPY


If you have gadgets, particularly a smartphone, you are intimately familiar with the frustration that is battery life. The technology that packs our devices with more and more functions is light years ahead of the technology that allows us to power them for more than a few hours, and so …

Your Older iPad Still Has Plenty of Life in It


I know. I know. Considering that MEGATechNews is totally a techie and gadget-focused kind of site, it only makes sense that all of us want the newest and shiniest toy on the block. That’s why we follow those rumor mills and official announcements so closely. At the same time, …

Microsoft Temporarily Dropping Xbox One Price to $350


Console war, console war never changes. When the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 first hit the market, Sony’s console had the distinct advantage of having a lower price. The Xbox One’s built-in Kinect unit boosted the price by a hundred bucks. While not exactly an unfair price for what …

MEGATech Showcase: Add Some LEGO to Your Life


By now, you’re familiar with our LEGO Showcases, and hopefully you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy putting them together. Today we’re going to check out several different items that are not necessarily all made out of LEGO, but which are LEGO-related products you can buy to …