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Sony Xperia T3 Coming to Canada


Let me tell you about the T3. No, not the third Terminator movie that was a dull shadow of its predecessor, but the Sony Xperia T3, the phone that combines form and function with fashion.

Coming to Canada soon, this ultra-slim Android smartphone is perfect for the consumer on a …

Pavlok Bracelet: Shockingly Easy Fitness


As I’m sure you’re aware, gadgets that track your exercise regimen are everywhere. Most of them are passive, gathering information such as your heartbeat, breathing rate, steps taken, length of workout, and so forth. They all reward you for accomplishing your exercise goals while also allowing you to compare your …

Flare Pans Prove Cooking Really Is Rocket Science!


There are people in the world who find cooking as easy as falling off a log, and there are people in the world who regard cooking as challenging as rocket science. I fall in the former category, which means I truly don’t understand where the latter is coming from. However, …

Video: Harken Keeps You Awake on the Road


By now, everyone knows they shouldn’t drink and drive, or text and drive, or even talk on the phone and drive. Those are the big three that get all the media attention. But what about driving tired? It is estimated that 400,000 accidents are caused every year in the United …

Wiper Lets You Take Your Drunk Texts Back


Everyone has done it at least once. You’re at the bar, or a party, or just sitting at home, indulging in what will turn out to be a few too many adult beverages, and it occurs to you: You’ve not talked to so-and-so (usually an ex, if we’re being honest) …

Nexus 6 Is a Whale Being Developed by Motorola


According to a report posted by Android Police, we may be in for something different when it comes to the upcoming Nexus 6. The phone is reportedly being developed by Motorola, is nicknamed Shamu, and may be a hefty 5.9-inches with a fingerprint sensor. Just because Motorola is behind …

Booze Joulies: Cold Drinks Without Dilution


Don’t you hate when the ice melts into your Scotch, leaving what used to be an excellent sipping experience watered down and nasty? Over the last couple of years we’ve looked at a number of creative ice options, but what most of them have in common is that ice melts. …