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MEGATech Reviews: Gameloading: Rise of the Indies


I’ve been playing videogames my entire life. My first gaming memory is of me hogging a console (based on the time frame, likely a Commodore 64) at my cousin’s house to play Mario Bros. And I don’t mean Super Mario, I mean Mario Bros., the one that took place in …

Reddit to Begin Producing Original Video Content


Due to its massive userbase, Reddit has a wildly mixed reputation. For many, especially those who aren't intimately familiar with the Internet, it's the source of all the evil, sort of like the shadowy place in The Lion King. However, it can also be a repository of fantastic content, and …

Get a Free Day of Roam Mobility Unlimited Talk+Text+Data


My fellow Canadians! Do you plan on heading south of the border in the next little while? Rather than pay for those hefty roaming fees from your regular wireless carrier, you can save a lot of money by picking up a travel package from the fine folks at Roam Mobility. …

iPhone 6c Confirmed via Sony's Chinese Supply Chain?


Many an Apple enthusiast has demonstrated a preference for the smaller form factor of the last-generation iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, turned off by the comparatively unwieldy iPhone 6 and the even more gargantuan iPhone 6 Plus. As we look ahead at what this year's family of iPhone devices will …

The News: Sunday, May 3 Edition


What a week! I am still without a laptop, but I did finally have time yesterday to do some serious comparison shopping and order one that should be here on Wednesday. Sadly, having it shipped was far less hassle than going to a store to pick one up or I'd …