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LogMeOnce Combines Three Gadgets In One


Online security is one of those things a frightening number of people pay little attention to, even when they know they’re putting themselves at risk. Since the Heartbleed bug has come to light, more and more folks are finally figuring out that they need to be diligent in protecting themselves, …

SITU Smart Scale Makes Nutrition Tracking Easy


One of the things I do is cook, and primarily I cook for my pre-diabetic mother. Which means it’s become almost second nature for me to know what ingredients I can use in what quantities to keep meals within her dietary restrictions. But it wasn’t always that way, and when …

Cups: New Mobile App Offers Unlimited Coffee Subscription in NYC


I’m a big fan of coffee. I’m also a big fan of subscription-based services if only because I’m extremely lazy and it takes zero effort to let something automatically renewal. It’s too bad I don’t live in New York City, because then I’d get to experience an amazing merger of …

MEGATech Reviews – Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Smartphone


I’ve been a fan of the Galaxy series of smartphones from Samsung since the first Galaxy S many moons ago. Yes, some people may have their gripes about the plasticky feel, the oversaturated display or the TouchWiz UI, but my impressions of these phones has generally been positive. Given this, …

The News: Saturday, April 12 Bonus Edition


It seems there was a product release or two this week, and several sites are having giveaways or contests. So I figured what the heck…I’ll take advantage of this stormy Saturday night and give you all a bonus edition full of stuff that has too many submissions to narrow them …