The lines are certainly blurring between what constitutes a tablet and what constitutes a “real computer.” You’ve got the Surface Pro, the Surface Go, the iPad Pro, and the Galaxy Tab S4, among so many others. And while Chromebooks have made a lot of headway, the Google Pixel Slate epitomizes the best Chrome OS has to offer in a 2-in-1 package. But when can you actually get one?

As you might remember, the Google officially announced the Pixel Slate during a Made by Google event last month. That was at the same time that they revealed the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, as well as the Google Home Hub and the updated Chromecast.

At the time, they didn’t really reveal a specific launch date for the Pixel Slate. We assumed that it would be ready in time for the holiday shopping rush… and we assumed correctly.

The eagle eyes at MobileSyrup spotted the listing for the Pixel Slate on the Best Buy Canada website, showing a release date of November 22. That’s just two weeks away and it corresponds with the US release date.

Best Buy’s website is showing the Pixel Slate in three configurations:

  • Intel Core m3, 64GB storage, 8GB RAM: $1,049.99
  • Intel Core i5, 128GB storage, 8GB RAM: $1,299.99
  • Intel Core i7, 256GB storage, 16GB RAM: $1,999.99

That’s all in Canadian.

And, of course, this could just be a placeholder on Best Buy’s part, which you can see just under the product name on the corresponding product page. MobileSyrup’s Dean Daley points out that Best Buy usually uses a December 31 placeholder when they don’t have an actual date, so showing November 22 carries some weight that it’s the real deal launch date.

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