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Ataribox Preorders Delayed to Unspecified Date

Earlier this week I reported that preorders for the Ataribox would go live on Thursday, December 14th. If you're planning on snagging one, obviously you know that didn't happen. I lied to you! It wasn't my faul... Continued

Everyone Has the $60/10GB Promo Plan Now

Around this time last year, the big promo plan in Canada was province-wide calling, unlimited text, and 4 GB of data for $40 a month. It started mostly with Public Mobile and spread from there. This year, we've... Continued

You Can Follow Hashtags on Instagram Now

I waste spend more time on Instagram than I probably care to admit. I follow a range of different accounts, from travel to food to web comics. And I also take advantage of leverage hashtags on my own posts in h... Continued

Ataribox Preorders Go Live on Thursday

Nintendo's SNES Classic is a big hit this holiday season, but maybe that's not retro enough for you. Maybe the widely-demanded NES Classic isn't even enough to satisfy your inner hipster. You want to go way bac... Continued

The Camorama 360 Action Camera Experience

Action cameras are a pretty big deal, with people capturing their adventures on snowboards, skateboards, and non-board related activities. 360 cameras are also a pretty big deal, as more people are experimentin... Continued

Apple Set to Buy Shazam for $400 Million

Instead of pouring untold millions into development costs, sometimes it's just easier to pour all kinds of told millions into buying someone else who already knows what they're doing. And when you're sitting on... Continued

Is YouTube Remix Music to Your Ears?

As successful and as profitable as Google parent company Alphabet is, we've also seen countless times where they've fallen flat on their face. Do you remember Google Buzz? With everyone moving toward streaming ... Continued
android oreo

Android Oreo is Rolling Out For Android Wear

If you use an Android smart watch, be prepared for a major update. And by major update, I mean a very minor one. I'm using sarcasm. Oreo for Android Wear is rolling out now and it's bringing with it an assortme... Continued

Amazon Fire Tablets Now Available in Canada Too

It looks like the Echo family of smart speakers aren't the only products that are finally crossing the 49th parallel. After far too long, Canadians can now (officially) get their hands on the same Amazon Fire t... Continued
sim-free iphone x

Apple Now Selling Unlocked, SIM-Free iPhone X

All the kids these days want their smartphones "unlocked" and their eyebrows "on fleek." I can't help you with that second one, but I can help you with the first if you're in the market for a SIM-free iPhone X.... Continued

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