While this isn't going to change any lives, it's certainly a nifty little gadget that will add some flair to your kitchen and the novelty alone will make for a nice show and tell. Designed Chih Ching Yang has invented the Gasper pot holder - a pot holder that disappears before your very eyes! Not really, but it camouflages itself pretty well.

See that ghostly object above? That's the pot holder when it's not in use. It's made of soft, heat-resistant silicone, so when you place a hot pot on its heat, it'll flatten out and protect surfaces just like a normal pot holder would. And when it's not in use, its default shape should save you counter space. Right now it's simply a concept, but hopefully that'll change soon. I'd love if it was called Casper the Friendly Pot Holder, but I assume the name "Gasper" is a clever nod designed to avoid a lawsuit.

via Gizmodo

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