When it comes to fully-featured smart TV experiences, Roku is one of the most popular. The company strives to provide a great number of robust features in a convenient and intuitive user interface. And now the Roku family is growing in Canada with the addition of some Sanyo Roku TVs too.

You might already know about the Sharp-branded Roku TVs, as well as ones sold as Insignia and RCA TVs, plus several others. In fact, Sanyo is actually the 10th brand to join the Roku TV program.

Of course, if you've already got a TV and you're looking to save a few bucks, you could always pick up something like the Roku Express. Then again, it's just so much handier when you've got all that Roku goodness baked right into the TV itself.

We probably shouldn't expect too many crazy surprises with the upcoming Sanyo Roku TVs and that's mostly a good thing. The Roku OS boasts "simple navigation and search, an easy-to-use remote, thousands of streaming channels and regular software updates," says Funai Electric GM of Product Planning Peter Swinkels. The goal is to provide "value, simplicity and tons of entertainment options," adds Roku TV and Players GM Chas Smith.

We don't have the specifics in terms of models and pricing at this point, but they have indicated that the first Sanyo Roku TVs should start shipping in Canada later on this quarter.

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