Sure, it’s coming on winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, but we have friends in the Southern, don’t we? And even if we don’t, you’re still going to want to serve chilled beverages at your holiday parties, so you’re still going to need ice cubes. And as we all know, square or rectangle ice cubes are boring…who wants boring? Certainly not me.

One thing I am absolutely addicted to are cheesy horror movies. Especially those involving sharks. Especially those on the SyFy channel. Therefore I must immediately own a mold that will create a shark attack in every glass. It’s not a small shark, either…the mold measures 2 x 2.4 x 5.9 inches. It’s made so you have to find a level place in your freezer while you make ice, but I can manage that if I do some shuffling. Plus, since it’s made out of silicone you can use it to make other things like candy as well. It’s only $12.00 US. It is also mine.

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Maybe sharks aren’t your thing. I don’t get that, but I can respect it. How about teeth? Do you like teeth? If so, you’re in luck, because this is an ice mold that makes frozen smiles. Well, dentures really, but close enough. Each mold makes two top and two bottom frozen dentures, and measures 4.6″ x 1″ x 6″. This one is also made of silicone, and will cost you $13.99 US.

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Frozen Star Trek Starfleet “cube”? Don’t mind if I do! This tray is also made of silicone (think chocolate, seriously…look below in the photo gallery and you’re going to want some almost immediately), and makes 8 command insignia Starfleet symbols at a time. They’re also a pretty decent size and shape to fit into most glasses to which you’d want to add ice. Each Starfleet tray costs $9.99 US.

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This one is marketed as a chocolate mold, but obviously you can also make ice in it. Shaped like a Tardis, it produces Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Weeping Angels, K-9s, and of course Tardis (Tardises? I have no idea how to pluralize it). The mold itself measures 11 x 23cm (4Ό” x 9?), which means each shape will make a 2-bite morsel of goodness or fit easily in most glasses as ice. Pick yours up for £4.99/$7.89 US.

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If you’re going to be drinking whiskey on the rocks, you want it cold but not watered down. One way to get around that is by shooting it, but then that negates the whole point of ordering a sipping whiskey (and can be quite expensive depending on how many you have). Enter Whiskey Rounders: round silicone molds that create the perfect whiskey cubes for your sipping pleasure. Each sphere is 2.5 inches in diameter, and the mold makes six at a time. If you shop at Amazon, you can get a mold for about $40.00, which is darn near half off MSRP.

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Sticking with the whiskey theme, here we have a frozen whiskey barrel you can float in your beverage. It looks to be about the perfect size for a tall rocks glass, and while it isn’t the perfect sphere shape above, it does have the same effect of chilling your libation without watering it down. Each mold is $13.99 US.

Source: Foolish Gadgets


Cowabunga! What child of the 80’s doesn’t remember the “Heroes on the Half Shell”? While you can’t necessarily differentiate between Michaelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael in this tray, you will know in your heart of hearts that there are two of each…plus two more of your favourite character. They’ll be excellent to chill your soda while you chow down on pizza. The tray is, appropriately enough, screaming green, and costs $12.99 US.

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While we’re on a superhero theme…Batman! These little frozen Bat symbols will class up your drink in no time. Each tray makes 12 cubes, and because of their small size it’s best if you run a bit of warm water over the back of the tray to loosen them so you don’t risk ruining their perfection. Since it’s a silicone tray, you can definitely make chocolates out of these as well…and I fully expect you would. This one costs $10.95 US.

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I’m going to go ahead and assume you know what this is, but in case you live under a rock I’ll spell it out. Big Bang Theory. Ice Cube Tray. Total geek winning, right here in one place. It makes 12 different cubes, three each of a BAZINGA logo, the Big Bang Theory molecular symbol, the Soft Kitty, and a robot. Take one home for just $12.99 US. Just make sure you don’t sit in Sheldon’s spot while you enjoy your perfectly-chilled beverage.

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The source article for this one actually has 16 different ice cube trays, some of which I have featured before, a couple of which I’ve featured here, and several I haven’t seen before. I didn’t copy all the pictures to the gallery, so please click through to see the rest. This one happens to be Han Solo in Carbonite…frozen in ice. It kind of makes my brain hurt, but I love it. This tray makes six small Hans and one large one (3.5 inches). The tray costs $10.00 US.

Source: Gadget Review

Even if I didn’t mention it on each individual item, these can all be used as candy molds, and many of them can be used for baking. Basically, if it’s food and can be poured into a mold, you can make it shaped like these. I love that.

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