When I saw that Apple had come up with new rechargeable batteries, I thought someone was pulling a prank. Turned out though that it was no prank at all. But a horrible cruel joke that some people fell for at El Jobso’s amusement. While all you fanbois and fangirls wait for iPhone 5, iPad 2 or the new rumored MacBook, Apple has “one more thing” for you. It’s called “Water” and it’s “Clean. Simple. Wet.” according to this well done ad mocking the fruit company.

The best part of this mock iProduct is the price. It’s ONLY $9.99. If that’s not enough, there’s apparently a “Water Pro” which resembles one of those huge refillable containers you get at the supermarket for $49.99. One more thing. “Glass” or rather the “optional ingestion vessel” is only $29.99.

I guess if they wanted to change everything all over again, they’d introduce “Juice”. And would the “one more thing” be “Straw”? The funniest part though is that fanbois and fangirls would probably line up for it if this actually became a reality.

[Source: Scoopertino]

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