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Great things can come from humble beginnings, and crowdfunding has led to some pretty wonderful ideas coming to fruition. Here at MEGATech News we realize the importance of getting the word out about these projects, and that’s exactly what Crowdfunding Corner is all about: sharing the news about cool and exciting new campaigns. Some of these campaigns have just begun collecting pledges, while others are well on their way and some have even sailed past their goals already. We’ve tried to keep it to campaigns that still have at least a few weeks left.

Now, not everything is going to appeal to everyone, but we try to vary it up so everyone sees at least something that speaks to them. If you see something that you absolutely must have, now you can be in on the ground floor.

The Crank Juice Box

Having your battery go dead is the absolute pits. What am I supposed to do for entertainment? Read a book? A book made of dead trees? Nice try sicko, have fun with your tree corpses. Portable batteries can be life savers, especially if they can power more than just your phone. The Crank Juice Box can power your phone, laptop, camera – any USB-compatible device you can get your hands on, USB-C included. And it doesn’t just stop there. The Crank Juice Box comes with jumper cables, because it can even start your car. No more wandering around the store parking lot, awkwardly asking people if they can give you a jump.

The Crank Juice Box Kickstarter

The Aloe Self-Care Reminder App

The world as a whole and especially the western world is just know starting to realize that mental health is more than a little important. The United States is notoriously bad at recognizing the importance of mental well-being, despite physical health being something of a current trend. The Aloe App is a reminder app, of which there are many, but Aloe reminds you to take care of yourself. The idea behind the app is that self-care should be something you do on a regular basis, not just when you’re burned out. It lets you modify the specific tasks you want to accomplish, and has built-in recommendations to make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, taking breaks, allowing yourself to indulge, and more. Treat yo’self!

The Aloe App Kickstarter

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