Last year Jawbone released the UP Move fitness tracker and it was received pretty well, so people who like tracking fitness should be pleased to know that the folks at Jawbone are releasing not one but three follow-up devices this week. The UP2, UP3, and - you guessed it - the UP4 all scale up in terms of features and price, so you'll be able to choose the one that's right for you and avoid paying for features that you won't use.

The UP2, pictured above, will cost $100 and basically replaces 2013's now-discontinued UP24. It's half the size of the UP24 and is essentially a slighty upgraded version of its predecessor. Like all of the devices, you can sync it up with the Smart Coach app to get personalized tips about your diet, exercise regime, sleep, and more.


The UP3 costs $180 but comes with a whole host of features, like an accelerometer, heart flux sensor, skin temperature sensor, and much more. It can also measure stress, steps, calories, and REM sleep. It's more expensive than the UP2, but it does a hell of a lot.


The UP4 is the most advanced of the bunch and costs an even $200. It does all the things the UP3 does, but it also contains an NFC chip for mobile payments through American Express. The UP4 will be available sometime this summer.

via Gizmodo

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