Science fiction has long been the precursor to ancient science and that relationship has changed this world dramatically. While I was about to write that this year has been no different, the truth is that it has been different. We’re seeing more scientific breakthroughs than even before and that exponential rate isn’t going to stop.

Website Buzzfeed has compiled a list of scientific concepts that became realities in 2012. The list is populated with things like invisibility cloaks, mind-controlled robotic appendages, eye implants, flexible glass, and even a planet made entirely of diamonds.

In addition to all of the medical breakthroughs, there’s so much stuff to geek out over, it’s hard to take it all in. Flexible glass will allow for a new type of mobile gadget. NASA’s robotic exoskeletons are the first step towards battlemechs. Google’s self-driving cars may not fly, but automated vehicles is another science fiction staple. Science is changing the landscape more dramatically than ever.

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