oneplus 5t

OnePlus 5T Initial Hands-On Impressions

Today, OnePlus announced the OnePlus 5T, the bigger sibling to the OnePlus 5. It's similiar in a lot of ways, but greatly upgraded in others. The biggest change, both literally and figuratively, is the new 6-in... Continued

Apple Approves App to Remove Notch

When I was compiling my iPhone X review round up the other day, there was one complaint that kept popping up, but everyone agreed it was more of a nitpicky nuisance than an actual problem. The "notch" that sits... Continued
iphone x

iPhone X Review Roundup

The iPhone X is here and the hype locomotive has been more powerful that Superman himself, despite rumors to the contrary. Don't tell me that Tim Cook hasn't been sweating bullets. The iPhone fan base is a ... Continued

HTC Unveils the U11 Plus and U11 Life

The HTC U11 has been a big hit this year, both critically and commercially. The Taiwan-based manufacturer is following up that success with the U11 Plus, which seems poised to make just as big of a splash in th... Continued
blackberry motion

BlackBerry Motion Coming to Canada

You know what sucks? Dust. You know what else sucks? Water. Wait, no, water is very good and vital to life. Let me rephrase. You know what sucks? Water in your smartphone. Good thing there's the BlackBerry Moti... Continued

The Square Register Can Replace Your Tablet

I like to shop at thrift shops and used book stores and other small mom-and-pop businesses, so I'm used to using my finger to scribble my signature on a tablet when I make a purchase. The Square reader has beco... Continued
ipad pro

iPad Pro Models up to $150 Off at Best Buy

Who doesn't love a good deal? Free is best. Cheaper is second best. Cheaper is third best. Those of you looking for a new iPad would do well to head over to Best Buy, either physically or through the Internet t... Continued