ipad pro

Don’t Bend Your iPad Pro, You Knucklehead

Remember the "bendgate" controversy? "Bendghazi" is admittedly a better name, but a little tasteless. Apple's iPhone 6 bending issues resulted in customers walking into Apple stores and bending iPhone 6 devices... Continued
infinity flex display

Samsung Unveils Their Infinity Flex Display

Two years ago, almost to the day, we reported that a leaked patent suggested that Samsung would be putting out a foldable smartphone in 2017. Obviously, that didn't happen. And with 2018 wrapping up, the chance... Continued
Sam's Club

Sam’s Club Opening Cashier-less Store

Look out, Jeff Bezos! Walmart is also getting in on the whole not-paying-human-employees thing! Sam's Club, the Walmart-owned retailer, is opening a store in Texas that will be utterly devoid of cashiers, just ... Continued
PSN Name

PSN Name Change Risks are Ridiculous

Not long ago, Sony announced that gamers will finally be able to change their PSN name, a feature that Microsoft has offered Xbox Live users for years. The first name change would be free and then ten dollars t... Continued
iPhone XR

So How Does the iPhone XR Stack Up?

When Apple first announced the iPhone XR (alongside the XS and XS Max) I scoffed, scoffed I tell you, at the idea that this was Apple's "budget" phone. It's a relative term, as the phone is considerably cheaper... Continued
Chromebook C523

Here’s the 15-inch Asus Chromebook C523

You better watch out Lenovo, Acer, and anyone else making large Chromebooks, Asus has you in their sights. Maybe. Asus is going bigger than they ever have with the 15.6-inch Chromebook C523, putting them in a p... Continued

The Palm is a Phone for your Phone

Smartphone addiction has become a serious topic of discussion in recent years, which presents something of an ethical dilemma for phone makers. How do you continue to make money in a market that’s so intrinsica... Continued