nintendo labo

Nintendo Labo Brings DIY to Video Games

Don't call it a comeback (or do, because Nintendo needed a comeback after the Wii U)! Nintendo is killing it right now. Not only did we just learn that the 3DS is still kicking all sorts of butt despite the Swi... Continued
HTC U11 Eyes

HTC U11 Eyes Smartphone Coming to China

The HTC U11 Eyes is designed around taking selfies. The front has two 5-megapixel cameras that both feature HDR boost, a bokeh mode that allows you to adjust the depth-of-field in your photos (both while the pi... Continued
amazon alexa

CES 2018 - Amazon Alexa Coming to ASUS Laptops

Just last week we brought you news of the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit, which makes it a lot easier for mobile device manufacturers to incorporate Amazon's digital assistant into their devices. Alexa can now slit... Continued

Amazon Could Buy Target in 2018

And pigs could fly and hell could freeze over and we could discover that the Earth is flat. All of those things could happen in 2018, but Amazon buying Target is considerably more likely than all those other po... Continued