wear24 smartwatch

The Wear24 Smartwatch Has Been Discontinued

Everybody is in this business to make money. When a new market appears - in this case, the smartwatch market - everyone rushes to dip their toes in the pool. Sometimes, however, the pool just isn't for you and ... Continued

The LG Q6 Coming to Canada

The LG Q6, the first phone in LG's new Q series and a handset that shares DNA with the award-winning G6, is coming to Canada on September 28. According to LG, it offers the technology of their flagship phones a... Continued

Google Acquiring Part of HTC for $1.1 Billion

Way back in August of 2011, just over six years ago, Google bought out Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. Now history is repeating itself and Google is once again diving headfirst into the smartphone manufact... Continued
kinda blue

The Pixel 2 is Looking Kinda Blue

If your answer to the question is "do you like the color blue?" is "kinda," then you're in luck. The Google Pixel 2 will be arriving in three colors: Just Black, Clearly White, and Kinda Blue. The naming scheme... Continued
apple event

Apple Event: The iPhone X and Other Stuff

Today's Apple event was a special one. Not just because they announced the tenth anniversary iPhone, but also because it was the first Apple Event held at the new Steve Jobs Theater located at the Cupertino cam... Continued

Juicero is Going The Way of the Dodo

If you keep up on your ridiculous news, you might have heard of Juicero. The company and its flagship device came to us early in 2016, from Doug Evans, the founder of the now-bankrupt restaurant chain Organic A... Continued