If you decided against picking up a pair of Google’s Pixel Buds due to a lack of features – like, for instance, the ability to turn them off – you’ll be happy to know that they can now be turned on and off manually. Also, switching between paired Bluetooth devices is now a lot easier.

You read that right. Until now, the Pixel Buds could not be turned off unless they were put back into their case. AirPods, for example, switch off automatically when you pull them out of your ear. Thankfully, now users can triple tap the right earbud to turn the Pixel Buds on and off.

Another important change allows you to connect the buds to a new device, at which time they’ll automatically disconnect from the old one. Before, you had to manually disconnect the previous device before switching to a new one. It wasn’t the biggest deal in the world, but it was a tedious and unnecessary step.

Finally, you can now double tap your earbuds to hear notifications, but the same gesture can also be used to skip tracks, depending on what you tell Google Assistant to do. Also, while double tap is enabled for switching tracks, you can still do so with voice commands.

The new updates are being rolled out now, so all Pixel Buds users should have them by the end of the week. Google’s headset sounds a lot more appealing now, but it’s difficult to not point out that these features really should have been around at launch.

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