You know how some people will tell you that there's no point in getting a tablet if it isn't an iPad? To them, I say that a remarkably more affordable Amazon Fire tablet might be way more appropriate. You know how some people say there's no point in getting a smartwatch if it isn't the Apple Watch? Well, maybe some folks would be more interested in the Google Pixel smartwatches set for release later this year.

Right now, we tend to associate the "Pixel" branding specifically to Google's flagship smartphones. However, we already know that the brand extends to other products too. There's the Pixelbook, for example, as well as the Pixel Buds. Some Pixel smartwatches would simply add to that expanding portfolio.

Rumored to be revealed and launched alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL later this year, the new Pixel smartwatches all naturally run the newly rebranded Wear OS (previously Android Wear). How these wearables will differentiate themselves from existing smartwatches like the Fossil Q series is still unclear.

While notable industry insider Evan Blass tweeted that Google will be showing off a Pixel-branded watch at its fall hardware event, Roland Quandt followed up with an expansion on that rumor. Citing an article from German website WinFuture, Quandt says there will be three Pixel smartwatches. The current codenames for these are Triton, Ling and Sardine.

You may recall that the first Pixel and Pixel XL had the codenames Sailfish and Marlin, respectively. I guess Google likes fishy names for its Pixel stuff. No specific details for the upcoming smartwatches yet, aside from the note that they'll likely run on the Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform (quad core CPU, Cortex-A7 architecture, Adreno 3041 graphics, 28nm) for improved battery life and performance.

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