Nokia is re-entering the marketplace after Microsoft’s acquisition of Lumia and it looks like the smartphone signaling their return will be the Nokia C1, which popped up last week in the form of a computer-generated rendition. This time around we have what appears to be an actual picture,shown below,though nothing can be confirmed quite yet.

Now there are some lingering questions: what does the Nokia C1 have to offer and does it really matter? The smartphone market is full of quality phones that were well received yet failed to make a financial dent. There are a lot of big names in smartphones and the Nokia name likely won’t carry the weight it once did.

And Nokia knows all about critically-successful commerical failures. Look at the Nokia N1, Nokia’s 7.9-inch Android tablet, which was liked by critics when it launched this year but didn’t manage to make Nokia any real money. Will the Nokia C1 suffer the same fate or will the public finally realize that Nokia still has a lot to offer?


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