If you’re trying to sell people on the durability of your tablet PC, there are many ways to go about it. Most methods, however, aren’t nearly as creative as attaching wheels to the bottom and riding it around like a skateboard. Yet that’s exactly what Windows unit president Steven Sinofsky has been doing with the new Microsoft Surface tablet.

Sinofsky was spotted riding the custom board through the lobby of Studio B on Microsoft’s campus, a picture of which he posted on Twitter, stating that he couldn’t resist taking it out for a spin. Not only is this not a traditional use of the tablet, but it’s a downright destructive one. However, the creativity is undeniable and the effect should be pretty powerful too.

Sinofsky also put the tablet through a drop test and held it up by the touch keyboard cover in a further attempt to promote the durability of the device. We get it, it’s really strong. Show me a fat guy riding around on that thing and then we’ll talk.

via All Things D

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