And so the world of smartwatches just got a little more compatible. It wasn’t all that long ago that Google announced Android Wear for iOS, but those non-Apple smartwatches aren’t the only ones to play friendly with the iPhone. The Samsung Gear 2 was just unveiled last week and it looks like Apple’s biggest rival could invade the iSpace on your iWrist too.

Not to be confused with the Samsung Gear 2, the Gear S2 is the successor to the decidedly different Samsung Gear S. Instead of being a big curved thing on your wrist, the Gear S2 offers a round watch face that looks far more, well, normal. The style is a definite improvement, but the compatibility is even better.

With its Gear family of smartwatches thus far, Samsung has only provided compatibility with its own smartphones and phablets. That’s changing with the Gear S2, as the Tizen-based smartwatch can also work with Android smartphones from companies like HTC, Lenovo, LG and Motorola, as long as they’re running on Android 4.4+ and have at least 1.5GB of RAM. To make matters even more interesting, it might work with the iPhone too. Just not yet.

For the time being, Samsung is only “looking at possibilities to open it up to iOS.” It may or may not ever happen, but at least Samsung has gone on the public record that they are exploring the option.


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