Force Touch is easily one of my favorite force powers, and I’m not the only one who feels that way. Apple is of course using the technology in their Apple Watch. Then Huawei announced that their newest smartphone the Mate S is going to use it. Now Apple is talking about it in again, but this time in regards to the iPhone 6S.

You’ll be able to tap, press, and deep press the iPhone 6S to access different functions. The display on the new phone is being called the “3D Touch Display,” but don’t get excited about things popping out of your phone. The “3D” in the name simply refers to the three different ways you can use Force Touch.

These are all rumors, and the rumor also has it that the iPad Pro will feature the same “3D” technology. We’ll likely know the full story on Wednesday, September 9th, at Apple’s big upcoming press event. Expect much more than just the official iPhone 6s announcement.

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