The first iteration of Microsoft’s Surface Pro wasn’t met with much enthusiasm. The second generation was better received, but still fell short of the reaction that the company was hoping for. With the newly-announced Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is changing it up a little bit.

Instead of going after Apple’s iPad and other high-end tablets, Microsoft is targeting Ultrabooks and other extra-thin laptops like the Apple MacBook Air. As the saying goes, “the third time’s the charm,” but will that prove true for Microsoft’s latest?

We’ve rounded up some of the key reviews of this new tablet-laptop creation for your reading pleasure.


“…the Surface Pro is easier than ever to use as a tablet, thanks to a thinner, lighter design and more sensible aspect ratio. If Microsoft could just figure out the keyboard thing (and start throwing it in for free), I’d be more inclined to recommend this as a laptop replacement.”

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The Verge

“…Both the OS and the hardware feel like a computer with some (occasionally great) tablet features tacked on top…It took three iterations for the hardware to live up to Microsoft’s original vision for the Surface, but now it finally does.”

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“… it’s still the same basic concept: a Core i-series slate, coupled with a very good keyboard accessory…but it’s certainly different enough from the Surface Pro 2 that I can call this a very substantial generation-over-generation leap… I’d feel confident taking it on a plane ride or day full of on-the-go meetings. But I’m not quite ready to trade in my laptop just yet.”

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Ars Technica

“It’s still not good enough…Microsoft calls the Surface Pro 3 “the tablet that can replace your laptop.” Until the company ships a clamshell keyboard, that’s just not the case…Surface Pro 3 is the closest Microsoft has come yet to producing a laptop-killing tablet. But the laptop will live on to fight another day.”

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Tech Radar

“The Surface Pro 3 brings Microsoft dangerously close to its vision of “replacing the laptop,” with vastly improved hardware inside and out…Brightly backlit and snappier than ever, the Surface Pro 3 Type Cover is already the company’s best yet.”

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PC Mag

“As a laptop, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 works well, with a sturdier keyboard cover, but it’s still not as comfortable to use in your lap as a traditional clamshell laptop…the tablet is simply too heavy and bulky to carry around single-handed for long periods.”

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“The Surface’s keyboard is also improved…The trackpad, which was the single worst part of prior Surfaces, is vastly improved…The biggest problem for the new Surface is that Microsoft’s Windows app store is still lackluster.”

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Give Us a Free Keyboard Already

Reactions to the Surface Pro 3 are much more mixed than I expected, especially when it comes to the quality of the keyboard. One thing that’s unanimously disliked though is that on top of the Surface’s already steep asking price (which was widely criticized), the Type Cover costs an additional $130.

Everyone agrees that the Surface Pro 3 is a huge step up on its predecessor, but ergonomic issues prevent it from successfully replacing your tablet or laptop, especially considering that frugal consumers can buy both a tablet and laptop for the same price as Microsoft’s latest. The Surface Pro 3 isn’t a bad piece of hardware; it just isn’t worth the price they’re asking.

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