As much as I’m enjoying my time with the Google Pixel 3 XL, it might not be the best choice for a serious mobile gamer. If you’re all about that Fortnite (and you’ve got over $1,000 burning a hole in your pocket), I’ve got good news for you. The wickedly hardcore Asus ROG Phone is shipping in Canada on October 29.

As you might recall, the Asus Republic of Gamers Gaming Phone was first introduced at Computex in June. In addition to higher-end specs like the Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 90Hz AMOLED display, it’s designed to be accessorized. Asus has docks and coolers and controllers and more.

IGN says that it is delightfully over the top. Engadget echoes this sentiment, saying that the Asus ROG phone is delicious overkill. CNET is generally positive, but a little more lukewarm, offering an overall rating of 7.9. That rating is bolstered by 9s in battery and performance, but hindered by 7s in design and camera.

They started taking preorders earlier this month in the U.S., and now they’re taking pre-orders at Best Buy in Canada too. You can expect to spend $1,199 Canadian for the unlocked gaming phone, before taxes and accessories of course, when it ships on Monday.

The Asus ROG Phone is listed for $899.99 US on; the online retailer is also showing a release date of October 29, though you can place your pre-order now. Our friends in the UK will have to wait until next month to get their hands on it though.

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