This doesn’t happen too often, but when it does it’s a fun treat. This is an industry that runs on leaked information. Those who leak information consistently and reliably are heroes, but it’s always better to go straight to the source, even if it was all a mistake, as with the Galaxy Watch.

A new Samsung Galaxy Watch has been leaked by the company itself. I don’t mean a source inside the company, I mean Samsung accidentally posted the new watch on its US retail website. It was a 42mm rose gold variety, with the same basic design as the Gear S3 Classic. The Galaxy Watch name would seem to confirm rumors that Samsung is dropping the numbers in the series name. There was no pricing or release date information.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. When releasing a new product, the company will have the store listing ready to go, because when it’s time to launch, it’s time to launch. Unfortunately (for them), someone goofs and posts it early, and then it gets taken down just as quickly. That’s exactly what happened here. Even after Samsung attempted to remove the listing, it would still pop up in the “related products” section.

With a store listing all ready to go, chances are we’ll see an official announcement here in the near future. Expect the watch to run Tizen software and use everyone’s *favorite digital assistant, Bixby.


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