ConnecteDevice refers to its smart-watches as “connected watches for the mainstream” and I’m inclined to agree. This is a rapidly growing market with companies stumbling over each other to get their own smartwatches out and available, and the Cogito and Cogito Pop are some of the first I’ve seen that sport an actual sleek, “mainstream” design.

Like all smartwatches, the Cogito and Cogito Pop pull notifications from your mobile device for quick and easy access. Customization options allow you to tailor your watch to your needs, determining what notifications are actually displayed. We all know how smartwatches work at this point.

You can check out the press release below, but the selling point for these new watches seem to be less in the functionality and more in the design, which brings a distinct old-school charm. It even has analog movement! Color me excited.

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The fast-growing maker of COOKOO will expand its offering with the
introduction of COGITO and COGITO POP connected watches at CES 2014

Hong Kong, December 6, 2013  — CONNECTEDEVICE Ltd will introduce COGITO™ and COGITO POP™, the newest additions to its family of connected watches, at the International CES 2014.  Joining COOKOO™, one of the first connected watches for the mainstream, COGITO and COGITO POP similarly deliver essential notifications from the smartphone directly to the wrist.

COGITO and COGITO POP will be on display at CONNECTEDEVICE’s booth (LVCC, NORTH HALL, BOOTH 6628) at the International CES trade show in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2014.  The new connected watches will also be showcased inside the WristRevolution Tech Zone (LVCC, SOUTH HALL 3, 30442J).

Henri-Nicolas OLIVIER, CEO of CONNECTEDEVICE, said “We are proud to expand our product portfolio with the addition of the elegant COGITO and the playful COGITO POP.  These watches stay true to our design philosophy of creating intuitive, fashionable and cutting-edge wearable technology.”

“COGITO and COGITO POP are meant to be an extension of the phone, not a duplication of it.  This is an important distinction,” adds Henri-Nicolas OLIVIER.  “When linked with the app, the watches allow users to customize settings based on their priorities and select which notifications they need.  Less is more.  Most users do not want, or need, full phone functionality on their wrists.”

COGITO:  the elegant connected watch 
COGITO brings together the power of a connected watch with the sophistication of a precision-crafted timepiece.  Designed for the busy, social and fashionable crowd, COGITO merges classic analog movement with a lucid digital display.  When linked with the smartphone or tablet app, COGITO allows users to cut through the digital noise by customizing settings based on their priorities and selecting which notifications will appear.  On the watch face, users can see who is calling or messaging, and decide whether to answer or mute it.  COGITO frees users from continually checking their phones.

COGITO POP:  the fashion connected watch
COGITO POP collection offers a connected twist on the fashion watch, blending vibrant colors with wireless connectivity.  Created for maximum mainstream appeal, COGITO POP combines fun and functionality to make the smartwatch more accessible to a larger public and a more natural experience for the user.  LED icons on the watch face can alert users when they have a call, an email or a message on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.  The easy-to-use interface lets users manage not just calls, but also trigger their camera, control their music and locate their phone.

Both COGITO and COGITO POP feature an advanced tap-to-act function.  In addition to actions controlled by the side buttons, users can simply tap the watch face to acknowledge an alert and clear that alert. Tap-to-act is a key enhancement to the watch’s time-saving attributes, offering a faster and easier response to the information available at a glance. COGITO also feature a tap-to-light function.

Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy technology allows COGITO and COGITO POP to run on a conventional button-cell battery without requiring a recharge.  The battery will power the watch for well over one year without a charge and, when necessary, can be replaced easily by the user.

“Users don’t want another power-hungry device,” remarks Henri-Nicolas OLIVIER.  “They shouldn’t have to remember to charge their watch, too.  COGITO and COGITO POP, unlike other smartwatches, don’t have the burden of bulky chargers and tangled power cords.”
Award-winning French designer Xavier Houy created COGITO as a watch that consumers would want to wear, one that naturally merges connectivity with a conventional timepiece.  Users can express their own style through a variety of vibrant color choices and materials.

“Wearable devices are different from other electronics,” says Henri-Nicolas OLIVIER.  “Because they’re so personal, so close to the body, consumers expect something that reflects their tastes and personality.  For this reason, we believe COGITO’s look is just as important as its functions and features.”

COGITO and COGITO POP are engineered to follow active users, especially in situations when the phone cannot be in their hands.  With enhanced water resistance up to 10 ATM, the watches safely alert users to calls and messages even in wet situations — under the shower, in the rain, on the beach and at the pool.

Starting at US$179, COGITO offers elegant connectivity at half the price of the major smartwatch brands.  COGITO POP’s mainstream appeal also extends to its price, starting at just US$129 and fitting well within the budget of the market majority.


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