For some people, the Hyundai name still elicits memories of the old Pony hatchback in all of its cheap glory. These days, though, Hyundai has turned itself into a forward-thinking automaker with bold designs and cutting edge technology. It's no wonder that several of its vehicles have been raking in all sorts of awards. If you're a gadget geek, it looks like the Korean car company will have yet another toy for you to enjoy soon too: Google Glass.

As the 2015 Hyundai Genesis rolls off the assembly line, it will be pre-configured to work with Google Glass and other similar wearable devices. This uses the Blue Link cloud-based platform, letting you use Glass to remotely unlock your door and even remotely start your car. You can also access your service information that way, getting a friendly reminder that your new Genesis is due for an oil change. The push notifications also include POI references, a vehicle finder, and more; these are the same notifications you'd be able to receive on your smartphone.

The inclusion of Blue Link in the upcoming Genesis follows in Hyundai's ongoing efforts to give consumers cool tech in their cars. The Equus sedan in 2010 got an iPad app that replaced the user manual and the more recent Car Care app let owners schedule their maintenance appointments and access quick reference guides.

Maybe the next time you can't find your vehicle in one of those crazy mega mall parking lots, you can just say, "OK Glass. Dude, where's my car?"

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