If you are reading MEGATechNews, there’s a good chance that you are within that 10%. After all, there’s a good chance that you are just as enthusiastic about computers and gadgetry as we are, so you’re more likely to know more about how to use said computers and gadgetry. And, as such, you’d be in the minority.

According to a story released by the Atlantic, a full 90 percent of the Internet-using population in the United States has no idea what CTRL+F (or Command+F for the Mac folks) is or what it does. Instead, they’ll spend hours scrolling up and down a long document to find the bit that they want. How about letting the computer do the work for you?

I can understand that Average Joe Netizen might not know about CTRL+W or or CTRL+Shift+N, but CTRL+F has been around for so long and in so many different programs. You can probably thank the invention of the mouse.

Source: TechVibes

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