When talking politics and government surveillance, people often bring up George Orwell’s seminal novel 1984, but I don’t remember the part where we all recorded each other using wearable action cameras. Maybe we need a new 1984, one that features YouTube and Google Glass.

A new wearable camera, the QBiC MS-1, is on its way from ELMO, the first of any such device that the company has produced. The device shoots video in full HD 1080p, takes hi-resolution still images, and weighs 20% less than a typical smartphone. It also includes wide-angle lens settings, WiFi, SD memory card storage, and micro HDMI and USB connections.

ELMO will be showing off the camera at CES, before it becomes available for purchase in February.

Also on display at the show will be the BOXi-T200, ELMO’s new 150-Lumen portable HD video projector. The new pocket projector is no bigger than 4×6 inches and features an “ECO” mode that reduces power consumption by 46%. The BOXi-T200 retails for $429 and is available now.

Check out the press releases for both devices below.

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LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2014 — Drawing on its expertise in imaging technology and optics, ELMO USA will introduce its first wearable action camera, the QBiC MS-1, here at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (South Hall, booth 35272). The small, lightweight QBiC shoots and records video in full HD 1080p format and also takes hi-resolution still images. The QBiC, which at 3.35 ounces, according to the company, weighs 20% less than the typical smartphone*, is packed with advanced features including multiple wide-angle lens settings, WiFi to stream real-time video to a phone or tablet, SD memory card storage, and micro HDMI and USB connections.

The QBiC MS-1 is scheduled for delivery in February.

“The wearable camera category continues to offer tremendous potential for growth,” said Matt Takekoshi, ELMO USA president. “It is expanding beyond the sports action category into many areas of mainstream consumer and business use. QBiC’s size, features, and styling should generate attention from all quarters of the market”.

The QBiC Model MS-1 features a 5-megapixel camera equipped with an ELMO “short throw” wide-angle lens with selectable viewing fields of 170 degrees, 145 degrees, and 120 degrees. The QBiC also allows macro capabilities with crisp images at a focal distance of less than an inch. In video mode, the MS-1 offers a choice of resolutions: 1080p, 720p, and 480p (WVGA); a built-in stereo microphone captures ambient audio.

For still-photos, the QBiC provides a self-timer, time-lapse settings, and a burst mode that shoots up to 10 hi-res frames per second. The QBiC’s lithium-ion battery delivers up to two hours of continuous recording time. Its SD card slot supports SD, SDHC, SDXC, and microSD memory cards for video file storage. The palm-size QBiC measures 2.2”w x 2.4”h x 1.6”d.

With ELMO’s free downloadable app for iOS and Android, users can connect a phone or tablet to the camera via WiFi to view live video or to download stored files, which could then be posted to social media or other web sites.

According to Takekoshi, a range of ELMO accessories will also be available for the QBiC, including a waterproof housing rated to a depth of 100 ft. The camera’s mounting shoe is compatible with mounting accessories already on the market from other major companies, he said.


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LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2014 – Offering a pocket full of power in a compact, sleek design, ELMO USA introduced the BOXi T-200, an HD LED video projector designed to meet the diverse portability needs of both mobile professional and consumers, here at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. The small, lightweight 150-lumen DLP projector, a mere 10.6 ounces in a footprint smaller than 4×6 inches, produces sharp, bright, high contrast images as large as 68 inches diagonally. With a retail price of $429, the BOXi T-200 features a single HDMI connection for video sources and incorporates both a 1 watt mono speaker, and a mini-stereo output jack for sending sound through an audio system, speakers, or headphones.

For efficiency, the BOXi T-200 employs a long-life LED lamp and features an “ECO” mode which reduces power consumption by 46%. The projector is also equipped with ELMO’s “short-throw” lens, allowing it to create the full-size 68-inch picture at a distance of just 52 inches from the screen.

“The T-200 is a versatile performer that fits in your pocket, yet has enough power to change the
playing field, whether it be for entertainment, business or education, said Matt Takekoshi, ELMO USA president.

The T-200 is the third projector in the BOXi line that the company has introduced this year, which according to Takekoshi, is distinct in the market because of each models industrial design. “We designed all our BOXi projectors with an attractive contemporary look that sets them apart from those available from other manufacturers. And we also made sure that the design included making all the controls easy to access.”

The BOXi-T-200 projects in native resolution of 1280 x 800 (WXGA) and will accommodate video input resolution from 480i to 1080p (including Blu-Ray) and computer input resolutions from 640 x 350 to up to 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA).

The quiet, fan-cooled T-200 provides indicator lights to show power status (on or off) and lamp
status, as well as a light to warn of projector overheating, which can happen if fan vents are blocked, or in the unlikely event of fan failure. The projector automatically reduces or shuts-off power to prevent damage from overheating.

While the projector allows customers to set controls for color temperature, color gamut, and
gamma, it also offers users selectable pre-set modes for optimized viewing of TV, movies, video games, photos, and presentations. Additionally, there is Maximum Brightness mode for environments with higher ambient light. Aspect ratio is automatically detected but can also be manually set to 4:3 or 16:9.

To accommodate the widest variety of uses, the BOXi T-200 can also be set for front or rear
projection configurations, as well as for desktop or ceiling location. There is a recessed mounting receptacle on the bottom of the BOXi for use with a conventional camera tripod and for mounting the projector on the ceiling.


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