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razer phone

Razer Releases 2018 Gold Edition Razer Phone

To kick off the new year (a month into it), Razer is releasing a fancy 2018 Gold Edition Razer Phone for all you collectors of gamer-oriented smartphones! All, I don't know, three of you? You have to be out the... Continued
nintendo labo

Nintendo Labo Brings DIY to Video Games

Don't call it a comeback (or do, because Nintendo needed a comeback after the Wii U)! Nintendo is killing it right now. Not only did we just learn that the 3DS is still kicking all sorts of butt despite the Swi... Continued
amazon alexa

CES 2018 - Amazon Alexa Coming to ASUS Laptops

Just last week we brought you news of the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit, which makes it a lot easier for mobile device manufacturers to incorporate Amazon's digital assistant into their devices. Alexa can now slit... Continued

Bluesound Launching Episodic Music Documentary

The folks at Bluesound are serious about music. The company that manufactures several wireless music streaming devices for the home has teamed up with Canadian artists BADBADNOTGOOD and Milk & Bone as well ... Continued

The Rotimatic Costs More Than My Car Did

It's morning. You hop out of bed, stretch, and glance at your clock. You've slept later than usual. And you're not worried. You know why? You don't need to take any time making breakfast, because a robot has al... Continued
local data mode

DJI Introducing a Local Data Mode for Drones

DJI is launching a new feature that allows drone pilots to operating in Local Data Mode that will essentially cut off all Internet traffic going to and from the drone. This will allow for increased security and... Continued

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