I’m not a fan of traditional cable methods or companies, so anything that attempts to subvert the current system is alright in my book. When Aereo did just that, it wasn’t received well in the television industry, but that has stopped them from expanding and they’re poised to hit Android next month.

According to CEO Chet Kanojia, the company intended to have an Android app available last summer, but for whatever reason, that timeline didn’t happen. I’m sure it wasn’t due to lack of trying, though, as Aereo has been hard at work expanding across the US.

The company, which allows streaming of local cable content, has been butting heads with not only cable providers but networks as well, but has actually found an all in Time Warner Cable, which is a pretty powerful ally to have. Aereo can currently be viewed in a web browser on desktop and mobile Safari on OS in areas that are currently supported.

via The Verge

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