The Xbox One has changed drastically since its announcement earlier this year and bits of info are still slowly trickling out, which they will likely continue to do until the console releases later this year. The latest bit of news is regarding the Xbox One’s external HDD support, a feature which won’t be available at launch.

The good news is that the Xbox is launching with a 500GB internal hard drive and I can’t imagine that many gamers will be able to fill it to capacity before Microsoft enables external support. According to Major Nelson, the feature won’t be ready at launch simply because the team is working on other things, and despite not knowing what those other things are, I agree that this shouldn’t be a top priority.

If you are able to fill up that 500GB drive soon after launch, then why don’t you just buy another Xbox One, Montana Max? That’s a Tiny Toons deep cut.

via Slash Gear

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