An official YouTube app could be coming to the Nintendo Switch console in the very near future. Users on the ResetEra forum are reporting that when they search Nintendo’s website for games, an apparent YouTube app is popping up as suggested content. Said application doesn’t have a product page, but it’s sudden arrival likely means it’s on the way, and soon.

It’s happening in Europe as well, according to French website NintendHome, who also reports that users are seeing the suggestion. It’s a funny way for the news to break, and also not a sure thing, though it’s hard to imagine any other explanation than the app is on the way. The only real question is when it’s coming, but having it pop up in suggestion algorithms suggests that it’s in its final stages.

Nintendo has never put a lot of focus on their consoles doubling as media machines, unlike Sony and Microsoft. In fact, Nintendo once referenced their competition’s tendency to release all-in-one consoles as a reason Nintendo doesn’t do it themselves; chances are you already have something that plays Blu-rays, can stream digital content, etc. That being said, with the Switch’s tablet-like design, it creates a unique way to watch content (for those who don’t own actual tablets), so it’s disappointing that Hulu has more or less been the only streaming option on the device since its release a year and a half ago, and even Hulu didn’t show up until almost a year after the console debuted.

With the fate of Netflix on Switch still up in the air – back in January the company simply said they were speaking to Nintendo – YouTube would add some much-needed content to the console. Keep your eyes peeled on MEGATech News and the Switch online store for the app’s (hopefully) imminent arrival.

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