Wednesday is generally a slow news day; not a lot happens on hump day. Yet here we are with one of the most important tech stories in recent memory. Taco Bell and Microsoft are teaming up to give away special limited edition Xbox One X consoles that play the famous Taco Bell ring when powered on. Finally, a way to justify the copious amounts of Taco Bell that I eat. Eating fruits and vegetables and delicious home-cooked meals won’t get me a Taco Bell Xbox.

Starting October 18th and ending November 21st, purchasing a double chalupa box will get you an entry to win one of the special platinum consoles. It comes with an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. They’ll be giving away one console every 10 minutes. Those aren’t bad odds and it’s an especially sweet deal if you already eat at Taco Bell a lot. The double chalupa box is five dollars, so get a hefty lunch and a chance at winning a $499.99 console. Winners can expect to receive their Taco Bell Xbox within 72 hours.

That’s the infamous tone in question, somewhere between a ring and a bong.  It doesn’t sound too far off from the bell that dings at the start of the entrance music for the professional wrestler The Undertaker. It’s actually pretty fitting in that way, because if you eat a lot of Taco Bell you’ll probably end up seeing the undertaker sooner or later. Zing.

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