PAX Prime is an entirely different event from shows like CES and E3, because they are completely open to the public and they are geared toward being a more public event for fans of all kinds of gaming. Whether you’re a console gamer, a PC gamer, a card gamer, a tabletop gamer, a handheld gamer or you’re just really into cosplay, there is definitely something here for you. Just as we did with last year’s event, we’ve put together a little video compilation of our journeys through PAX in Seattle this year.

NVIDIA SHIELD (0:25) – We got some great hands-on time with the NVIDIA SHIELD at E3 earlier this year, but now the gaming handheld has not only launched, but it has already received some fantastic upgrades. For example, you no longer have to tether yourself to an HDMI cable to enjoy the big screen experience with your SHIELD, because they’ve added support for Miracast wireless streaming. They’ve also started working on a GRID cloud gaming solution for SHIELD to further the “game anywhere” mentality.

Sixense STEM (4:02) – Motion controls can be fun, but they also have to be incredibly accurate and precise. Going much further than some of the other motion tracking systems out there, Sixsense is developed a system that it calls STEM. You can have up to five of these devices on you — one on the head, one for each hand, and one for each foot — to effectively create a 1-to-1 skeleton. I went hands on with this solution and I thought it was great how I could twist and reach with my hands to grab things in the virtual 3D environment. The supplemental motion tracking with the Oculus Rift made for some unique experiences too.

Kingston Technology (7:01) – PAX really is the kind of event that is about the gaming community, providing a venue where fans can be just fans. Kingston had a booth at the show and they invited professional players from Team Evil Geniuses to play with the attendees at the show. Justin Wong, who you may remember from our April Duels II interview, was there playing Street Fighter. Kingston also revealed an amazing 1TB USB flash drive. That’s twice the size of some notebook hard drives!

Community Panels (7:45) – Spread across multiple theaters, PAX also hosts a whole series of community panels where experts and special guests can speak to topics of interest. I went to the game developer panel, for example, where we got the perspective of people who work in the gaming industry with both large and small studios. I also attend the fighting games panel with FGC celebs like James Chen, Gootecks and Zhi, as well as a panel on gaming and gambling by Dr. Tyler Black and his twin brother lawyer Ryan Black.

Make sure you check out the PAX 2013 photo album on Facebook for a bunch of great pictures from the event too.

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