It’s almost getting ridiculous how very many varieties of flash drives there are. Almost. Because while most people really don’t have the need for more than one or two, there is nothing that says collecting something has to be logical or practical. Goodness knows some of these aren’t at all practical due to their size or their price or their data capacity, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting them. Off we go!

Oh, Minecraft, what is it about you? My nephew was trying to explain to me how wonderful this game is, and I just don’t get it. I’m going to go ahead and blame that on my natural inability to be a successful gamer of any kind outside of Gin Rummy or pinball, but whatever. This, of course, is a diamond sword, and if you’re a fan of Minecraft I didn’t even have to tell you that. It offers 16GB of storage for just $20.00 US.

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This might not be an odd shape, but it caught my eye and is pretty much demanding I own it. Made by PNY Technologies, this one offers 32GB of storage, yet is comparable to the size of a standard paper clip at just 1.5-inch (39.30mm) long. It features a micro-hinged hook so you can attach it to anything that the hook will fit through, making it a lot harder to lose. Did I mention I just think it looks neat? I want one. And it seems it’s actually fairly reasonably priced at about $25.00 US.

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OK, so technically these are actually micrSD USB card readers rather than flash drives. Whatever. They’re wonderful, and I want the whole set. These come from our friends at Mimoco, and each MimoMicro (as they’re called) features a flip-out USB port, key chain attachment, and LED status light. They come in eight different styles, so there should be one that will make everyone happy. I, of course, want every single one, but then I’m greedy. Each one will cost you right around $13.00 US.

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Looking for some springtime bling for your phone, but also want something practical? How about a Macaron flash drive from PQI? These are 8GB flash drives nestled in what appear to be cookies (or biscuits, depending on where you’re from), available in four different springtime colours. In addition to being kind of pretty, they are also impact-resistant, dust-resistant, water-resistant, and shock-resistant. That’s an awful lot of resistance in a pretty tiny package. The USB part slips out of the housing for use, and is attached to a 3.5mm jack that will fit nicely into the headphone jack of your phone or MP3 player. Unfortunately, there is currently no word on pricing or availability.

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This one might not be much fun to look at, but it does have the bonus of looking professional in case you work in an office that prefers that. This one offers 4GB of storage, and measures just 0.8 x 3 x 0.4 inches. There isn’t a whole lot of detail to be found, but it’s powered by IronKey and is listed as “secure”, so I assume that means it’s got some kind of encryption and/or lock on it. At least I hope so…it’s selling for about $130.00 US.

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Street Fighter X Mega Man fans rejoice! Not only has there been a freeware release of the crossover title, but now you can own your own copy…and it’s housed on an 8GB flash drive that looks like Mega Man’s Mega Buster! You get all sorts of stuff with this one…digital issues #1-4 of the Archie Mega Man comics, a digital copy of the Mega Man Tribute and Mega Man X Complete Works art books, Street Fighter X Mega Man wallpapers, and the chiptuned-themed soundtrack from Street Fighter X Mega Man. You can only get it from the Capcom store (until someone decides to sell them on eBay or something, I suppose), but you’re only going to have to shell out about $20.00 US. What are you waiting for?

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Cue obnoxious girly voice: It’s so cuuuute!!

But seriously…isn’t it? I would lose this in about 12 seconds due to its tiny size, unfortunately. But if you’re the type of person who is actually capable of keeping track of things and wants a flash drive that can live comfortably in your pocket with your change, this is perfect for you. These are by Patriot, and named the Supersonic Mini. They are USB 3.0, and come in either 16GB or 32GB sizes. They start shipping early next month, with prices at $20.00 US and $30.00 US respectively.

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Hello Kitty! Here’s one for your little girl, or for your grown-up girl who still acts like a child. Or if you know someone in Japan, which in my opinion has an unhealthy obsession with this little cat. Not only has Toshiba teamed up with Sanrio to release an 8GB flash drive (coming in May), they have also created an HK 4GB SDHC memory card (scheduled to have been recently released) as well as an 8GB version coming in June. Haven’t seen pricing on these yet, but keep an eye out.

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I swear, there is no particular reason I chose to feature a gun-shaped flash drive immediately following Hello Kitty. Honest. This has a metal housing, and offers 16GB of storage. There isn’t a size listed, but based on knowing how big a USB plug is, I’d say it would fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Probably not something you’d want to have in your bag at the airport, in other words. You can make one yours for about $18.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


Speaking of things that could get you arrested…Our friends over at ChannelPro Network have put together a slide show of ten different flash drives you absolutely should not, under any circumstances, take to an airport. Or some meetings, depending on who you’re meeting and where it takes place. Some of these I’ve featured in previous showcases, some are new to me. But they all look like some kind of weapon. No detail as to capacity, pricing or availability, just something neat to look at. Click on the source link for the full slide show.

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I’ve got that song by the Police stuck in my head now, and it won’t go away. If you didn’t get that, you’re too young. Because these are a Message in a Bottle flash drives. If that didn’t help, you’re definitely too young. Anyway, the flash drive is inserted into the cork in these bottles, leaving you free to put something else in the bottle itself, providing it’s not liquid. These are available from 2GB to 16GB, with pricing ranging from $15.00 US to $24.00 US.

Source: Craziest Gadgets


It’s a mouse! Wait, no, it’s a gesture-control remote! Wait, no, it’s a flash drive! What if I told you it’s all three? And what if I also told you that its Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded, but there is still almost a month left if you want to throw some money at it to guarantee you get one of the first ones out of production? This is the Ego! Smartmouse, and it’s a combination mouse, flash drive, remote, Wiimote, and VGA camera. It’s powered by a 400 MHz ARM9 microcontroller and runs a version of Linux with up to 8GB of flash storage. There is a ton of other stuff this thing will do, but the bottom line is if you pledge about $100.00 US, you’ll get one with 2GB of onboard storage and 2GB of cloud storage. Higher pledge amounts get you higher storage amounts.

Source: Digital Trends


Granted, this may not be your first choice in a fashion accessory. But the neat thing about this is that while it is a fairly unattractive and rather bulky ring, it also is a flash drive. If you wear it as a ring, it’s a lot harder to lose. As someone who has been looking for a flash drive for several months which I swear was on my dresser, this is very valuable to me. Meet Memoring, a 4GB flash drive you can wear on your finger. It’s made of silicone, so it’s flexible, and comes in a few different colours. If you’d like one, it’ll cost about $28.00 US.

Source: Gizmodiva


Finally, we have a hub. But not just any hub! This is a 10-port, USB 3.0 hub, and you might not think you need one…but I bet you do. It features smart chip power management, which helps eliminate phantom power usage for idle devices, and has a built-in surge protector. No drivers are needed for installation, and it supports transfer rates of up to 5Gbps. Get one for your very own for about $60.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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