The News: Sunday, July 16 Edition

Greetings and salutations from the land of vacation! We're about halfway through, and today we head up north to spend four days right on the shore of Lake Michigan. Utter relaxation with no plan or commitments ... Continued

The News: Sunday, July 9 Edition

In this week's news from my world... VACATION! I've been off work since 6pm Wednesday, and last night that guy I hang out with flew into town for two weeks. I've spent the bulk of today reading and napping, and... Continued

The News: Sunday, July 2 Edition

Well, would you look at that! I'm actually posting the Affiliate News on the proper day at the proper time! This is what happens when I get a couple of days off... I realize what day it is and that I have somet... Continued

The News: Monday, June 26 Edition

Well, it seems I've done it again. All day I've thought it was Sunday, because it made no sense that we'd be doing a major concert on a Sunday. But that was yesterday. So here we are, a day late again. But at l... Continued

The News: Sunday, June 18 Edition

Happy Father's Day to all who celebrate! This is my first one since my dad passed away so it's a little wonky for me, but it's not too bad. I'm working a bunch, which certainly helps. Really at this point I'm j... Continued

The News: Sunday, June 11 Edition

This week I was doing a show that was easy, fun, took me back to high school, and also involved dressing two wonderful actors who made my week an absolute delight. I love when that happens! Now I've got a coupl... Continued

The News: Sunday, June 4 Edition

What an incredible week! It's hockey playoffs everywhere, and while I've had to choose my NHL team based on not wanting Pittsburgh to get the Cup, my home AHL team is, after last night, leading our series 2-0, ... Continued

The News: Sunday, May 28 Edition

Can it really be that I'm posting the affiliate news on the proper day, at the proper time? Has the world tilted on its axis? Should we be on the lookout for the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Or could it jus... Continued

The News: Monday, May 22 Edition

So it's Monday. Literally 20 seconds ago I said out loud to my co-worker, "Wait, it's Monday, isn't it?" Which is when I realized doing the affiliate news post never even crossed my mind yesterday. This has bee... Continued

The News: Sunday, May 14 Edition

Hey, did you know today is Sunday? Technically, I did, but it just this second occurred to me that meant I had to do something. I was so giddy about my afternoon gig getting cancelled that I completely forgot a... Continued

The News: Sunday, May 7 Edition

Another week, another show. This one was interesting in all the good and bad ways, but we got through it and even managed to have a little bit of fun in the process. Saturday morning was the funeral for my teac... Continued

The News: Sunday, April 30 Late Edition

It's been a heck of a week around here. Work is crazy busy, leaving me almost no time to think or do anything else. Which is good, since this has also been a week of incredible highs and equally incredible lows... Continued