Remember the Asus Republic of Gamers gaming phone that was announced at Computex earlier this year? It was pretty crazy with its TwinView Dock and advanced thermal management and all that. Well, you will soon be able to get your hands on one, because Asus ROG Phone pre-orders are opening up next week.

More specifically, you’ll be able to place your pre-order on this specialized gaming phone starting on October 18th. That’s through the Asus Store and Amazon, neither of which is especially surprising, but Microsoft will be taking ROG Phone pre-orders too for some reason.

The ROG Phone, powered by a Snapdragon 845 and boasting a 90Hz display, will start from $899, putting it right in the same league as other top-tier flagships. But the thing is that this phone is built upon an ecosystem of accessories, so you’ll need to pony up much more than $899 to get the full Republic of Gamers experience.

There’s the Mobile Desktop Dock for $230, the TwinView Dock for $400 (ouch!), the Gamevice Controller for $90, the WiGig dock for $330, the Asus Professional Dock for $120, and the ROG phone case for $60. If you went ahead and tallied all of that up, you’d be ringing up at $1,230 in accessories alone. Tack on the $899 phone itself and you’ve easily broken the $2,000 threshold. For a phone.

For now, there’s still no word on a cheaper variant of the ROG phone or the hotly anticipated second-generation Razer Phone. But at least you can actually get a ROG Phone before year’s end.

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