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Regardless of what kind of gadget you have, odds are really, really good it can be charged via USB. The nice thing about that is you can plug in to pretty much any computer to top off your batteries, but the drawback is that then you need more than the standard four or so USB ports that come with a computer. So most of us end up buying some kind of USB hub. Those used to add about four more USB ports, but over the last few years they’ve been increasing to more and more ports. Now Yubi Power comes up with this.

This is the mother of all USB hubs, offering 40 ports. Yes, you read that right. Forty USB ports in one huge tower. You’ll never have to unplug anything again! Of course, depending on what you want to charge, you can’t necessarily plug 40 things in at once (it can only handle 16 iPads at a time, for instance), but you can still charge a ridiculous number of things simultaneously.

The idea here is the Yubi Power tower acts as a massive USB power strip, plugging into a standard 110v outlet and providing power to all your gadgets. As a power strip, it’s built to be fire-resistant, provides surge protection, and each level of the tower has its own individual on/off switch so you can save on phantom power when you don’t need to use all the ports. That’s a good thing, too; with all its switches on, it draws 33.6 amps even without charging something.

I can’t see this being overly practical for the average house, but in a college dorm or an office, it would be perfect. Maybe even airports would adopt something like this, since there are usually lines of people waiting for their chance at a power outlet while they wait for their hours-long delayed flight.

Unfortunately, this appears to be out of stock at the moment with no word on when there might be more, which also means I can’t tell you how much it might cost when more become available.

Source: Gadget Review

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