The BlackBerry Classic is a return to basics for BlackBerry. After the lukewarm reception to the BlackBerry Passport, they’re likely looking for a critical win. Their recent struggles are widely known and for those of us who carry a nostalgic love for the brand, it’s been disheartening to watch.

Now they’re hoping to win back the customers by offering something similar to the BlackBerry of old: less bells and whistles, more simple, focused functionality. Did it work? Yes and no. Read on to check out some of the reactions folks around the web had to BlackBerry’s new design of an old idea.


“If you’re willing to trade screen size for a superior physical keyboard, the BlackBerry Classic is a fantastic productivity phone for old-school QWERTY junkies.”

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Tech Radar

“The Classic will tug at the heart strings of every BlackBerry fan, and business users who swear by a keyboard will love it. It’s by no means a mainstream device, but for the right user it could be perfect.”

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PC Mag

“The BlackBerry Classic is a great voice and messaging phone that can’t deliver on the range of online services most people need.”

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“Unfortunately, the Classic reminds me of early “bricklike” BlackBerrys because of its weight. The BlackBerry “app gap” may be smaller than it once was, but it still exists, and Android apps just don’t run as well as they do on Android phones.

I like the BlackBerry Classic. It’s my new “work phone,” and it has secured a home in my pocket for the foreseeable future. However, I carry two phones, and if for some reason, I had to pick just one, it would not be the Classic.”

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The Telegraph

Theres a huge amount to like in the BlackBerry Classic. It will make you more productive. It feels serious. And it doesnt look too bad either. But in part youre more productive because there are fewer distractions, and therein is the root of the problem. While this may be a tool for getting things done it is not really a tool of the modern world.

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BlackBerry To It’s Core

The consensus seems to be that the BlackBerry Classic is exactly what its name implies. It’s faithful to the BlackBerry name in that it excels in productivity but doesn’t offer much beyond that. Half a decade ago, that wasn’t much of a problem. Unfortunately, the 2014 concept of a smartphone is lightyears ahead of what BlackBerry is offering. If you’re looking for a distraction-free business phone, this seems to be the one to get, but everyone else should stay away.

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