At first glance, I thought, “Well, that’s cute! A submarine-shaped alarm clock!” And then I read the text, and now I want one. If you’ve been around for a while, you know I have this complete inability to get up early, no matter how early I go to bed or how many alarms I set. So I’m always looking out for an alarm clock that will ensure I drag my lazy butt out of bed and get to work on time. This one is a concept piece, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s got more potential for doing its job than any other alarm clock I have seen, hands down.

The deal here is that while the cute little clock is shaped like a submarine, that actually is the gimmick. In order to turn off the alarm, the entire clock must be completely submerged in water. I suppose you could sort-of get around having to get up and fill a sink or tub by placing a bucket of water next to your bed, but you’d still have to get up and stick your hands in cold water. By which time you’d need to use the restroom, and since you’re already up you might as well pour a cup of coffee and get on with your day, right? I like it a lot.

As I said, this is a concept piece (created by Kim Min Jeong), so there’s no real hope that you’ll see this on the shelf soon as well as there being no hint whatsoever as to what something like this might cost. But it’s still pretty darn neat, isn’t it?

Source: Gajitz

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