Here’s perhaps a better title: how not to build a better mouse trap. I’m a big fan of IoT (Internet of Things). Despite the fact that we’re handing civilization to the inevitable A.I. overlords on a platter, IoT makes things very convenient and a lot of common household items benefit from being connected. That said, some don’t. Some don’t benefit at all.

The Wireless Mouse Trap Monitor is one such item that doesn’t need wireless connectivity. To clear things up, the mouse trap doesn’t have Wi-Fi. However, the little plastic cheese box that monitors it, does. You charge it, set it next to your mouse trap, and “arm” it. It will last for three months on a single charge and tell you when the trap has been tripped.

Going over the Kickstarter page, I can’t seem to figure out exactly how the monitor works. I assume it’s a motion sensor, which would open the door for various false alarms. The idea of the Wireless Mouse Trap Monitor is to save you from having to check your traps all the time, and if false alarms are an issue, that’s exactly what you’d end up doing.

It’s not a bad idea, just a very niche one. I’m sure the audience is there, but not necessarily enough of an audience to pledge the $15,000 that Wakefield Technologies is asking for. I hope I’m wrong, and I hope enough people have mouse problems severe enough to help the kickstarter reach its goal.

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