I certainly hope there’s nobody out there who feels compelled to purchase every DS model that Nintendo releases, because before long you’re going to be dipping into your retirement fund. If Reggie Fils-Aime’s hints are to be believed (if you even take them as hints), North America might be getting one more model.

There’s a smaller version of the 3DS available in markets outside of North America and it’s proven quite popular, so much so that gamers on our side of the world have been chomping at the bit for it. While Reggie told Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo that he has nothing to announce, he added that “special SKUs might show up” in North America.

The term “SKU” means “stock keeping unit,” so Reggie’s refering to models of DS. So take that as you will. The suggestion that other models might show up could be a very direct hint or simply a way of saying “you never know.” What we do know, however, is that keeping up with all these DS models will drive you straight to the poor house.

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