So, if you’re anything like me, you’re sitting on pins and needles waiting for Super Smash Bros Ultimate to drop on December 7. And if you ask the Smash Bros purists out there, they’ll say there’s no substitute for original GameCube controllers. While Nintendo is offering an official adapter, it means you’re still running a physical cable between your Switch and the controller. 8BitDo has come to the rescue with a new wireless adapter they call the GBros. And it cuts that cord.

Basically the way that this works is that the 8BitDo GBros functions as a wireless transceiver. It connects to your Switch the same way that all the other compatible 8BitDo products do. At least as far as I can tell. My experience with the 8BitDo N30 Pro (NES30 Pro) has been finicky at best, so your mileage may vary.

What you’ll notice, aside from the very Gamecube-inspired purple design (there’s even a faux yellow C-stick!), is that the 8BitDo GBros has ports on two ends. On one end, you get what looks like a port that’ll take on your Nintendo GameCube controllers. On the other end, you get the same connector as you find on the bottom of the old Wii Remote.

That connector used to be use for the nunchuk attachment, as well as the Wii Classic Controller. It’s also the same port used on the NES Classic Edition or the SNES Classic Edition. So, you can swipe the controllers from those mini consoles and use them with your Switch via this wireless adapter too.

In a bit of an odd move, the 8BitDo GBros is powered by a single AA battery. That’ll give you up to 30 hours of play, according to 8BitDo. A rechargeable option probably would’ve been more convenient. And of course, if you want to use multiple GameCube controllers, you’ll need multiple GBros adapters. Each one only supports one controller.

From what I can gather, the GBros is up for pre-order on Amazon for $19.99. It launches on December 7, the same release date as Smash Bros Ultimate. It also works with Windows PC, macOS, and Android.

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