So you're thinking about purchasing an iPhone 5 or upgrading from an older version. Here are a few things just to keep in mind before you part with your cold hard cash. It's always interesting to listen to the early adopters complain, and a fix for some of these issues could simply be a software update away.


BGR has reported that some iPhone 5 owners are complaining that in dimly lit to near dark conditions, light can be seen emitting from the power button of their phones. It seems this is a quality control issue, with some owners having had their phones replaced by Apple. There is no word on how widespread this issue is, or how many phones are affected.

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I'm pretty sure this is not what Jimi Hendrix had in mind when he belted out the lyrics to purple haze, but Apple appears to have a very real problem on their hands in the case of a purple haze when a subject is backlit by a strong light source just out of the picture. Mashable has done a comparison between the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and the D300. Hopefully this issue can be addressed in a software update, otherwise it's really going degrade the quality of the camera which in phone up until now, has been nothing short of stellar.

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Some iPhone 5 owners have reported that their shiny new phones are quickly becoming not so shiny. Scratches are appearing on the backs of their new phones. It appears the new material doesn't stand up as well as the glass backs to which we've become accustomed. In an email response to a customer posted on 9to5Mac, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller responded;

"Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing it's natural silver color. That is normal."

It's seems the best prevention for this would be a case.

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With the outrage and backlash over Apple's changes in Maps for iOS 6 you really have to wonder what people did before the advent of smartphones. I'm beginning to wonder if asking for directions or reading a map is becoming a lost art. With roads turning in rivers, and city centers completly missing, this is one aspect of iOS 6 that should never have made it out of Beta testing. Hopefully Google will get their app through the App Store before the end of the year. In case you missed it, earlier today, Apple offered an apology for the state of Maps.

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What's that knocking sound you hear? Why it's your battery rattling around inside your phone. Apparently the iPhone 5's battery is not secured properly or has a propensity to come loose when shaking the phone. In fact, there's a 71 response and counting thread in Apple's Support Forums discussing this issue. Before any of you wonder why someone would shake their phone, think about apps such as the UrbanSpoon app, and their "shake to discover". Once again, a quality control issue that while easily rectified, should never have happened.

Antennagate, Part II

A number of iOS 6 users are complaining about the lack of WiFi and or the inability to connect to various networks. It seems this issue is not limited to iPhone 5, but also to users of iPhone 4, 4S, and iPads who have upgraded to iOS 6. This issue does not seem to affect all iOS 6 users but with 97 pages and counting over at the Apple Support Forum, this issue is certainly getting attention. While this issue is mostly likely not a hardware issue, once again, a simple software update should be able to provide the fix.

  • This reminds me of all the issues with my Nokia Lumia 800. I love the phone and os, but it has tons of small issues and annoyances like:
    - Brightness
    I set it to auto and neither low, medium or high sub setting changes the brightness whether I'm inside or outside. Auto+high is too dim when I'm inside, turning off auto and setting it to medium is more like how it was in the previous firmware versions.
    - Very poor battery time
    - Shakey/jumpy compass
    - Speaker volume is permanently reduced if a message plays while you watch a youtube clip
    Windows Phone 7.10 mango annoyances:
    - Deleting gmail mail archives mail instead of deleting it
    - Read, delete and move email operations is not pushed or synced immediately. Kinda disruptive and unnerving when you sit down in front of the computer and have to do it all over again
    - international characters turn into Š°ň after a reply from a gmail account ruining the threading (could be issue with gmail but worked fine on my first gen iphone)
    - no text wrap in ie9 so text on certain websites like anandtech and techreport is redicously small in portrait mode and uncomfortably small in landscape mode.
    - no Find on Page
    - no copy and paste in calendar
    - no every other week timing in calendar
    - no Other and custom phone numbers support in contacts
    - If you set your locale to something like Norway, you get SV: and vs: instead of the regular Re: and Fwd: email subject abbrevations. After a bit back and fourth with people abroad the subject line ends up like this:
    Re: SV: Re: SV: Re: SV: Sm÷rgardsbord pň L°rdag
    - no native PDF support, must use a slow and unresponsive 3rd party reader that lack zoom to picture/paragraph and search
    - Other and custom phone numbers in contacts
    Many phone numbers from Outlook and Google doesn't show up
    - Repeated Calendar alerts often does not work if you sync with Google
    OS 7.10.8107.79

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