One thing with which I am entirely too familiar is the need to take medicine of various kinds. Some of them are easy (allergy pill, every day at the same time). Some of them are sort-of easy (aspirin, twice a day at the same times). And then you get into the rest of them. Three or four times a day, spaced out evenly while you’re awake. Then you have to remember to take your pills with you if you’re going to be away from where you keep them at the time you need one. And if you’re not home, you have to hope you notice what time it is so you can take one. I’ve been taking my allergy pills every day at midnight for the last 15 years, and I still occasionally forget if I’m not at home.

The Pill Watch can’t solve all of your medicine-taking problems, but it can solve one of them. It looks like a watch, and you can use it to tell time. But what it has that other watches do not is a compartment where you can keep a pill (or more, depending on their size). When it’s time to take your pill, simply turn the watch to open the compartment, and your pill is right there waiting for you. The Pill Watch also apparently comes with a pulse and blood pressure monitoring feature, although I am unclear as to how that works.

You know what this thing needs? An alarm. You know, so when it’s time to take your pill it vibrates, reminding you. That would be neat. Perhaps that will come to be if this ever reaches the market. Right now it’s just a concept design by Jingyu Lee. It’s got potential, though!

Source: Oh Gizmo

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